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“The Students were very happy with the personalised interaction, getting very valuable insights into the working of an auto industry. They were fortunate to  closely observe the  manufacturing and other processes for supply of automobile parts to world majors –FORD, TOYOTA AND MARUTI-SUZUKI.”

-Mr. Prashant Saxena, CGM

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Our sincere appreciation to WIPES, JAGDISHPUR (West India Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd) for making 18th November 2016 a day to value for some of the fortunate students who got an opportunity to visit a leading manufacturer of Automotive components.

WIPE is well organised, developed and ideal Industry in every respect, be its production, administration & management aspects.

WIPE was started by a group of technical entrepreneurs in August 1986 at Jagdishpur as a small-scale unit with an investment of 30 million to make and supply wiper products for Maruti Udyog Limited and TELCO.

In 1990 the company diversified into the field of automotive rubber products like axle stoppers, mud flaps, oil-measuring gages.

We appreciate all those at the Plant who guided us and shared information on the organization profile and manufacturing process at WIPES PLANT.

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Our Experience from the Industrial Visit:

Industrial visit is not only an educational tour but it acts as a specialized course.It provides an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. It gives exposure that books can’t provide. As ‘See & know’ is better than ‘read & learn”.

Industry visits prepare students to the practical challenges that organizations face in the business world. Industrial visits also give greater clarity about various management theories.

We got insight into the internal working environment of the company. It was a good learning experience. We visited the entire process department. They are using new technologies that help us to appreciate the role of advanced technology in productivity of manufacturing goods.

They are strictly following quality & safety aspects. As we got to understand the risky conditions in which employees are working.

The industrial visit helped us to translate theory into practical.

-Amit Mishra

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