Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML)

Our pioneering B.Tech. program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning prepares you to embark on a journey that will immerse you completely in the world of AI and ML, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to handle and thrive in this environment.

This is a comprehensive four year undergraduate program that builds a strong foundation in the principles and applications of AI and ML. We believe in fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, empowering students to become forward-thinking innovators in this dynamic field.

Our distinguished faculty members are accomplished experts in the domain of AI and ML, passionate about imparting knowledge and guiding students to excel in their academic and professional endeavors. Their rich experience and industry exposure ensure that our students gain insights into real-world scenarios, preparing them to face the challenges of the AI and ML fields with confidence.

The curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to encompass a wide range of topics, including machine learning algorithms, neural networks, data mining, natural language processing, computer vision, and more. Our students receive hands-on training with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, empowering them to develop AI-based solutions that tackle current and future challenges.

We emphasize practical learning, encouraging students to engage in research projects and industry collaborations. Through these initiatives, students get the opportunity to apply their knowledge to solving complex problems and explore groundbreaking advancements in AI and ML.

Our learning environment is stimulating and equipped with advanced facilities, including modern labs, high-performance computing resources, and access to vast datasets. Our campus provides an ecosystem conducive to learning, research and innovation, giving our students all that they need to succeed.

Upon successful completion of the B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, graduates find themselves highly sought – after across various industries. From tech giants to startups, the need for AI and ML experts is pervasive, offering lucrative career prospects and many opportunities for growth.