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Why that “Person”, “Moment” and “Relation” is IMPORTANT?

Relation! Can you define this? Without a glance into your dictionary or Google….if YES, then definitely you are thinking of that one person who nurtures that meaning in you. That person may be living or non-living, or maybe a pet, but if we are talking about a “PERSON” how can it be non-living? We can give it a thought by an example of a child who is attached to her toy and for her it may be her best friend to express her feelings, emotions to and basically share a bond with.

Recently I saw a post on facebook that stated ‘I TRUST CIGARETTES MORE THAN GIRLS …BECAUSE I Am READY TO DAMAGE MY LUNGS BUT NOT MY HEART’. For a person who is addicted to smoking and alcohol, for them this is their relaxant, like a best friend who helps to unwind. For some people like me the FB post may sound cheesy, but it shows a person’s dependence on cigarettes, similarly some of us share that same kind of a relation with music or an attachment with writing ….


The thought came in my mind when I was bidding good bye to my close friend after her marriage, there was that single moment that made me realise that this was one of a relationship that is irreplaceable.

We live our lives moving ahead from school to college to office and in this transition we intermittently miss out on that important person/ moment as we are so caught up struggling in our daily lives. And in that chaos sometimes we suddenly realize our family is our best friend, our mother, father, other times the spouse or may be our boyfriend. Or one fine day we realize we haven’t yet found that ‘one person’ or perhaps we know that person is still awaited.

The realization of that moment has motivated me to give full importance to that relation. But taking on a humorous note that does not mean that people dependent on alcohol should consume it more…as its use is felt only when taken in moderation as then it can mask feelings of stress, pressure and anxiety while improving mood. Thus its effect is only possible when it is consumed in moderation not as an addiction.

And cheers to that particular moment for making me pen down this thought.

-Garima Sharma, PDP Trainer