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Choosing Your Path MBA Specialisations for every aspiration

By August 30, 2023September 14th, 2023No Comments

An MBA provides a student or a professional with a foundation in the basics of Business Management, Finance and Marketing, Organisational structures and behavior, Economics, Accounting and Business Ethics and equips professionals graduating with an MBA degree with fundamentals business skills such as leadership, strategic thinking, communication, decision making and integrative problem-solving.

An MBA program offers various specializations. Here is an exhaustive list of the specializations along with their broad curriculum:

  1. Finance: A specialization in Finance teaches Financial Management, Investment analysis and Portfolio Management, Risk Management and knowledge of Banking and Financial services, Corporate Finance and other Financial markets and institutions.
  2. Marketing: A specialization in Marketing involves learning about Marketing Management, Sales and Distribution Management, Market Research and analysis, Consumer behavior, Advertising and Promotion as well as Brand Management.
  3. Human Resources: As the name suggests, this specialization equips one with extensive knowledge of Human Resource management, Organisational behavior, Labour laws and Employee management, Talent and Training management and development and Compensation and benefits.
  4. Operations Management: Through this specialization, a candidate learns about managing supply chains, how Logistics and Inventory management works, Operations strategy and Project and Quality management.
  5. International Business: A curriculum in International Business revolves around the Global business environment and International Marketing. It teaches Cross-cultural management, Global supply chain management, International trade and economics as well as International Finance and Foreign exchange.
  6. Information Technology: Information Technology in MBA is all about IT management. The curriculum delves into IT project management and Information Systems Management, Data analysis and business intelligence, Digital strategy and transformation and E-commerce and Digital marketing.
  7. Entrepreneurship: The MBA course in Entrepreneurship teaches Creation of new ventures and business planning, Venture capitalism and financing new businesses, Small business management and entrepreneurial marketing, Innovation and technology management as well as Social entrepreneurship.
  8. Strategy & Consulting: Specialisation in this arena of MBA is all about Strategic management, Business planning and execution, Competitive analysis and market strategy, Change management in an organization and broader environments, Organisational development and various Consulting skills and frameworks.
  9. Healthcare Management: This curriculum caters specifically to the Healthcare sector in the areas of Healthcare Operations Management, Healthcare systems and policies, Healthcare finance and reimbursement, Marketing and Strategy in the Healthcare sector and Healthcare quality and patient safety.

It is pertinent to note here that not all institutes offer all these specializations and some of these specializations are still nascent compared to the mainstream courses of Finance, Marketing and HR which have always been very popular and are in demand across various business organizations compared to sector-specific specializations such as Healthcare Management.