Department of Management (MBA)

At the Department of Management at AIMT, we believe in the power of knowledge and its ability to transform individuals into valuable contributors in the world of business and management. Our department is dedicated to providing our students with exhaustive knowledge, equipping them with the necessary skills to make a meaningful impact on the existing treaties of business and managerial concepts. 

We understand that entrepreneurship is the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. Therefore, we actively promote an entrepreneurial culture within our department, fostering a spirit of creativity, risk-taking, and resourcefulness among our students. Through a carefully designed curriculum, we encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, empowering our students to envision and create their own opportunities. We also recognize the importance of strong managerial and communication skills in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our comprehensive programs are designed to develop these essential competencies, ensuring that our graduates are well-equipped to lead and inspire teams, effectively communicate their ideas, and navigate the complexities of the corporate world. 

Our vision also extends beyond individual success. We firmly believe that business education should serve a greater purpose in the development of society and the nation as a whole. We instill in our students a sense of responsibility and the drive to make a positive difference. Through various initiatives and collaborations, we encourage them to apply their knowledge and skills to address challenges that would be encountered in the future and enhance social development, and sustainable growth. 

AIMT is a vibrant learning community, passionate faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a rich array of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whether you are a prospective student, a working professional seeking to enhance your skill set, or an organization looking to collaborate, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of discovery, learning, and transformation. 

Become a part of AIMT’s Department of Master of Business Administration and unlock your potential to become an entrepreneur, a future leader and a catalyst for positive change.


To promote entrepreneurial culture, develop managerial and communication skills of the students to Enable them to contribute to the development of the society and the nation.


  • The essence of the Department of Management studies is to constantly strive to provide an
    In-depth knowledge to its students so that they add value to the existing treasures of business
    and managerial concepts.
  • Promoting lateral thinking and a spirit of inquiry among our students so that they look from
    a different angle through a creative approach by which they are able to provide simple
    solutions to complex business problems.

We owe to deliver through our teaching learning process the richness of entrepreneurship and
multidisciplinary knowledge in a way where ethics and social commitments will be the cornerstone for
our students

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) :

  • To prepare our students to find suitable employment commensurate
    with their qualification.
  • To create good entrepreneurs who may contribute to nation building
    and generate job opportunities for others.
  • To develop proficiency in students for higher studies and R & D for the
    solution of complex problems for betterment of the society.
  • To develop students as responsible citizens with high moral and ethical
    values who can become assets to a vibrant nation.


  • Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
  • Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
  • Ability to develop Value Based Leadership.
  • Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business.
  • Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment.
  • Ability to develop entrepreneurial skills with proper usage of professional skills.
  • Ability to foster innovative and creative skills by the research oriented methodology.
  • Ability to enhance the industry oriented skills sets by inculcating communication, IT and management skills.


“Finance as a subject involves the management, control and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working”

This activity is called Financial Management which is controlled by the Finance Manager.

The students always think that, why they should go for MBA in Finance. While there are many other specializations in MBA curriculum, then what is the scope of finance?

It is the age of industrialization. Many industries are coming up in many developed and developing countries. Finance is the basic need to start an industry and in according to the money management of the resources, its proper collection and distribution. MBA is a two years degree program affiliated with some recognized university .

The financial management is concerned to the planning and controlling of the financial resources of an industry”.


MBA in Marketing has become one of the most popular degrees both by students and employers in modern era. With the shift to digital and online marketing, most businesses now have their own, in-house marketing teams that specialize in bringing traffic and customers to the company.

There are a number of areas of marketing but MBA in marketing doesn’t limit the degree holder in pursuing marketing careers alone. The skill set can be put towards dozens of other career options, from consulting to entrepreneurial management.

The course is designed in such a way that prospective students attain potential to become excellent marketing manager and acquire high salary packages.
MBA in Marketing is designed to teach students a wide variety of soft skills, such as communications, analytical and leadership skills that can then be applied to a wide variety of positions across any number of companies and industries – no two companies are going to need, or demand, the exact same requirements from their marketing manager.


Students in MBA program with a focus in human resource management can take courses in business strategies and concepts, with an emphasis on corporate headhunting, benefits analysis, compensation management and business coaching. MBA program typically involves advanced level assignments, reports, presentations, internships and group projects. Programs typically take about two years to complete.

Coursework typically involves basic business concepts and human resource-specific topics. Students can be taught business strategies and learn to use them in everyday business operations.

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The Scope of MBA
MBA is counted among the best courses so far. There is a 100% guarantee of having a successful life after doing this MBA in India. Selecting a career option is difficult. There’s insecurity and parents’ pressure too. With that comes, good research and awareness of the best MBA marketing

colleges in India on Google. So, better make a good decision when going for specializations in various fields. There are lots of reasons why students choose an MBA as their career. Few are
mentioned in this blog, have a look and keep scrolling Helps you in Management skills There are many reasons to opt MBA as your career but the first is it helps in managing skills not only in professional life but also at a personal level. It strengthens the business management skills and management techniques. Students who are fresher or who have very less knowledge about MBA often tend to lose but when they decide to come out of their comfort zone and keep their focus on learning what MBA is all about then they choose the best MBA marketing colleges in India where they move ahead and takes the right decision in their life. MBA not only helps them manage everything at a professional level but also helps them to maintain a positive environment, hire the right employees, increase productivity and develop a good working surrounding amongst employees that will benefit the company. Time Saving Advantages It takes a lot of time to choose a career after high school or graduation. Though, students often choose that career that is not meant for them and in which they have the least interest. So, it is always better to take your time and choose the best course. MBA saves you a lot of time and not only does it benefit you in time-saving but it also gives you hope and scope in career choice. MBA is better than doing and opting for something else in your career. MBA requires more than one task and it eventually helps you in managing skills, strengthening your communication, and expanding your reach in the successful world. Offers Various Career Options MBA degree has lots of options once you opt for it. It begins with the knowledge of marketing and awareness. With lots of career opportunities such in human resources, finance, economics, and much more, students often prefer MBA in human resource management in India. The reason is their interest and it is believed that we must always prefer our priorities and needs. A career in which you have full interest gives you full satisfaction and you love to do that job by all means.
MBA students are most often offered managerial positions. This way they not only learn about their career but also grow interested in their working life. With high responsibility comes more opportunities and MBA students are always successful in their life. Create advanced and flexible management skills MBA applicants are generally young business people with a minimum of two year so professional experience. In fact, senior employees who feel up to the challenge
might often apply. MBA classes will help you develop the skills important to keeping a business firm successful. The circular of every Master of Business Administration degree can be distinctive though these are some of the most common competencies you will create relying on the study program you choose.

 Enhance leadership and people management skills
 Develop, advertise and sell your products and services
 Network and create connections or partnerships
 Manage difficult situations (e.g. financial crisis, public scandals)
 Keep the company’s finances healthy
 Promote and maintain the company’s positive image
 Gather, interpret and create reports based on industry data
 Hire top talent and improve employee retention
 Create hierarchies that help the company thrive
 Make tough calls at the right time

Allowances for an Exclusive Business Network As an MBA student, you need to have good networking options. You will communicate with fellow students, professors, and teaching staff (business people with great management experience). And this context will broaden your business
management capabilities. Initially, you gain access to the extensive alumni network of that specific MBA program. Your connections will offer you a great overview of the business world.
Be ready for a deep understanding of the smallest changes in the business environment and check out new ways to adapt fast. You can reflect on a few big business problems and make connections between various global events and world affairs.
MBA salaries are some of the highest in the job market Among the benefits of an MBA degree, job security and a high salary is a few of the most pivotal. The average income for an MBA graduate is a bit higher than an employee with a regular Master’s. You can expect to earn two times as much as what you would get from a consistent university degree. Wrapping Up Well, reasons to go for MBA after graduation can be many. But the foremost one is scope! MBA has lots of scope in excelling in career, earning money, and doing a reputed job. And these are the reasons why students often prefer MBA after their graduation. To develop advanced and flexible management skills, it is always better to choose the field that suits your personality.

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