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‘Life Is a Challenge’
Deepak Shukla
ME-3rd year

Accept the challenges of life and keep growing wiser with each passing day.

All through life, it’s a tough ride. You realize the heat, the exhaustion and the hype of a long journey that’s yet to be accomplished. There’s no way back and even if there is, it’s not what you start out for. So why not visualize the victory once you cross the hurdles and win over this forlorn trip. Of course you will face the heat of toughness and failures but those are just blessings in disguise, don’t become feeble at any cost and always come out as a champion which you are born to be.

While the heat of the challenges tests your patience, shower over it the passion of perseverance.

No one becomes successful overnight, a lot of sweat and blood is gone into what one aspires to achieve in life.
People who are negative will always demotivate you and instill into you an ocean of negativity and defeat you in conversation by their experiences. Always choose your friends wisely and be optimistic about life.

Just go out there and enjoy with whoever/whatever you have and never ever from now onwards complain about things which aren’t worthy of your attention…