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Perhaps the most typical problem almost every teenager/person is facing today is addiction to social media at the cost of neglecting their education or other important work, thus this needs to be cured.

First I would like to tell you all that I have divided the “ADDICTION” into 4 levels.

Let’s talk about them one-by-one:-

Level 1: Welcome to the charm of social sites!

It’s just the starting. You keep checking your phone every 5-10 minutes just for your satisfaction. You start loving every post you see. You want to make new friends and want to get famous. This is a sign of addiction. To get over this addiction remove Facebook, twitter and other social media and whatsapp shortcut icons from the home screen. Use launchers or third party apps to hide these apps. It is natural for humans to get attracted towards things they see. So just keep those apps hidden from your sight.

Level 2: You are deeply involved!

At this level, you post everything you do, eating, cooking, travelling and all other basic things. You even start chatting with strangers on facebook and share whatsapp contact with them. You give priority to ‘virtual’ friends instead of real ones.

To overcome this, keep your phone aside, talk to your ‘real’ friends and spend time with family.

Log out every time when you close your facebook account. So whenever you want to log in, you will have to type the whole ID and password. Doing extra work is what people generally hate. Soon you will start getting bored while logging in and out every 10 minutes.

Level 3: You are now a fool!

This is the level when you start wasting your time on FB without any reason. Girls post all pictures with ‘pout’ at this level. You start living in social sites. To get rid of this, go to

Settings – Apps – Facebook & Whatsapp – Uninstall

Try not to re-install them again. Don’t get unlimited data pack on your SIM. Break the JIO SIM please. And Charge your phone less than 40%.

Level 4: Game Over!

At this stage, you start taking data loan of 5 ₹ for internet usage. There is no coming out from this stage. You have become insane my friend.

The only solution is to throw your phone and lock yourself in a room with books.

Note: Above mentioned procedures are practically implicated and are successful. They can be applied for Instagram and Hike also.