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Today in the global era there is a demand of effective & efficient ways to create value engineers who can cope up with the new engineering trends, competition & increasing demand of the society. The effective management of value engineering activities in international business networks has become a topic of increasing importance in recent academic research.

As per my study it says 1.5 million engineers are getting graduation degree in India. But engineers are not getting hired & payed as per their talent. India is losing talent because of low packages; low quality of education. Government should also formulate certain policies for poor people who are talented but cannot afford high fees of colleges as loaning facility is not flexible. There are certain other issues because of which engineers are moving out and getting hired in foreign countries with higher packages which is stopping India to become a developed country from decades. And other countries are utilizing their talents and becoming developed.

There are some reasons for unsatisfactory results in values analysis studies-

  • Lack of information
  • Wrong beliefs
  • Habitual thinking
  • Risk of personal loss
  • Negative attitudes
  • Reluctance to seek advice

Conclusion: – India is producing engineers every year in very large numbers. Government should think about their future by giving them projects on which they can work and get good packages. Government should also focus on above mentioned unsatisfactory reasons.