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A workshop on 19th November, 2017 was conducted for the school students of Rajkumar Inter College, Para on “Recent Trends in Engineering Education”. A career counselling session was conducted by Mr.R.S.Mishra.

Additional exposure on the following topics were also introduced:

1. Robotics & PLC by Dr. Kamles Singh & Mr. Aakash

2. Drone by Mr. Shiv Singh Yadav and Mr. Faisal Hashmi

3. Rapid Prototyping by Mr. Lalit Bhatt

4. CNC- Mr. Vinay Kumar Gaur

Campus visit by Aditya Vikram Singh, Ms.Madhu Singh & Ms. Prachi

Tour of the Lab sections and Library was managed by the following members:

5. ME and CE Labs were Taken Care by Mr.Jaidev, Mr. Salman ,Mr.Rajesh & Mr.Rajendra Saxena

6. Computer Labs were Taken Care by Mr.Neeraj & Mr.Abhinav Singh.
7. Photos Clicked By Faisal Hashmi.
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