Solidworks Introduction

SolidWorks is a 3D mechanical CAD (computer-aided design) program that runs on Microsoft Windows. SolidWorks offer a complete suite of 2D and 3D Part Modeling, Assembly Modeling, Surface Modeling, Sheet Metal Modeling, Complete Mold designing and Molding analysis.



Ambalika Center of excellence has 30 seat license for all components of SolidWorks. Classes are conducted in fully equipped audio visual classrooms and trainees can also get extensive hands-on exposure on our Cubify Trio 3D printer to convert their designs to actual prototypes.

Course Objectives:

This course, focused entirely on the 2D drawings aspect of the package, goes in depth into setting up drawing sheets, creating drawing views and applying dimension schemes. Time is spent customizing drawing borders for company specific requirements.

Solidworks Advanced Part Modeling:

Learn about the multi body environment within Solid Works, using Boolean operations and the master model technique. Delve deeper into the Sweep and Loft feature, looking in depth at the advanced options that are used to create organic and contoured shapes.

Solidworks Assembly Modeling:

Speed up assembly generation with shortcuts and tips and tricks for standard parts and fixings. The course also looks at automated assemblies with configurations: post assembly modifications, assembly animation, and an in depth look at assembly management.

Solidworks Surface Modeling:

The surface modelling course is ideal for consumer and product designers who have a requirement to create complex shapes and forms. This course introduces the concept of modelling with surfaces. The ability to mix and match between surfaces and solids are discussed in depth and a typical surface modelling workflow is one of the seven topics covered.

Solidworks Sheet Metal:

The sheet metal functionality built into SolidWorks is a powerful aspect of the package that allows users to create the fully folded design and quickly generate the flattened form for manufacture.

Solidworks Weldments:

Using weldments in SolidWorks is a powerful means of creating fabricated structures within a single part environment. Use a vast library of standard profiles, weldments allows you to create complex structures from simple base sketches.

Professional Benefits

Large number of industries uses SolidWorks and provides different jobs in the field. It is basic software for learning 3D modeling and SolidWorks designers have a ready acceptance in industry the world over with a large demand of 3D modeling professionals.