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(Yeah! I have found God)

“GOD” – a word which has a variety of definitions spread over the time. We believe God made us, but the funny truth is that we have actually created a number of Gods. Everybody’s looking for God, more specifically “Materialistic God”. Yes, it is true that we humans are so foolish that we think that God also looks like us. We refer to God as ‘He’ or ‘She’. We are so foolish that we even think that God speaks our language. Well, let’s not talk about people’s beliefs.

Here comes an interesting point!

What if I tell you that I can show you God, right now?

No-no, you don’t have to die for that.

There’s another way, but will you believe me?

Absolutely Not.

But I am really going to show you God is in front of you.

But before I start, let us recall the basic points about the God. Here we go…

  • God is one.
  • God is everywhere.
  • Nothing can exist without God.

So true, right? Yeah!

Now it’s time for “Bhagwan ke darshan”.

Isn’t it getting exciting?

Okay, take out your one hand & look at it. (Don’t just read, do as I say).

So, now I am considering that you are looking at your hand. Now, see the “space” between your hand and your eyes. Oh! You can’t see the “space”. I mean focus on the gap or space. Not on the air, neither on dust particles, only the clear “space” (scientifically, vacuum). This “space” at which you are looking right now is real “scientific God”, as explained by Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari.

What? Am I stupid? Am I crazy?

No, just consider again the basic points about God and merge “space” with it.

  • “Space” is one. True, there is only space in which you, me, animals, plants, earth, other planets, the whole universe lies.
  •  “Space” is everywhere. Yes, there is space between your hand and eyes. It’s inside us, outside us, in short, everywhere. If we remove all the things, then there will be only empty and quiet space.
  • Nothing can exist without “Space”. Again right. If there will be no space, where will you place all the things? Everything is supposed to exist only within this space.

Okay, theory is done. Now let’s talk about some SCIENCE.

At first, scientists thought everything is made up of tiny atoms. It’s the smallest unit of matter. Later, we found that, no… wait; there are electrons, protons, neutrons, mesons, and so much “ons” within the atom. Over the time “quark” was discovered which was the smallest unit of charge. But now with more advancement in “Quantum Physics” scientists discovered an energy called “Zero Point Energy” or “Zero Point Field”. (I know it’s getting long, but please read it). Okay! So, at this point scientists concluded that may be “Zero Point Field” is not the smallest unit, and they went deeper. But, they found nothing. So they came to the point that “Zero Point Field” is the smallest thing we can think of. Now, the question arises, “What is the source of this energy?” And the answer is, “NOTHING”. Scientists found out that this energy was created from nothing. It came from the quietest and free source, which is nothing. This nothing is called “Space time continuum” or simply “SPACE”.

So everything is originated from this “Space”. It’s the one which is responsible for our creation. So what’s the actual conclusion? Did you get it?

No? Let me make it clear.

There is no God in statues, in pictures, in temples, in mosques, in church and so on. God is not human; God is not an intellective being who is keeping the record of our good deeds and sins. There’s no need to waste your time in finding God or blaming God for your tough life. Only you are responsible for everything that happened, happening, and going to happen in your life. Don’t create divisions on the basis of religion and caste, because these are all nonsense created by humans, not by God.

And when you really want to see God, just see this quiet, beautiful space all over you. God (Space) is around you, inside you. You need it.

Even your girlfriend says, “Hey, I just need some space.

-Astitva Srivasatava, B.Tech (CSE)– 2nd Year