SAEINDIA Collegiate Club of Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology

(National Level Club)

“If you are making something more complicated than chair, you need a team.”

“This is not success story but experiences of hardworking team students of Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT).”

Various Activities Under the club

SUPRA SAEINDIA 2016 and 2017

The initiative to enter the SUPRA SAEINDIA 2016 was taken up by the Mechanical Engineering Department of Ambalika Institute. Head of Department Mr. Anup K. Singh and Mr. Aditya Veer Gautam guided a group of enthusiastic student who named the group “Technoambalikans” and the Department was instrumental in getting the project Formula Car completed in record time to participate at the Buddha International Circuit, Greater Noida.

At AMBALIKA, the Centre of Excellence (CoE), a unique technical training establishment, provided machinery, tools and hands-on experience in the varied domain expertise ranging from high-end Industrial robotics to rudimentary welding and sheet metal works which greatly helped in achieving the desired goals in technology while making the F1 formula car.

Technoambalikans have proven themselves and will surely make a mark in world of motorsports and automotive engineering.

It is a pleasure to introduce this great team lead by:

HOD Mr. Anup Singh, Aditya Veer Gautam (Faculty and Project Advisor), Akash Shukla (Captain), Gaurav Singh (Vice-Captain), Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Tabish Ali, Nitesh Kumar Singh, Utkarsh Kumar Sharma, Abhishek Kumar, Prashant Srivastava, Vikas Singh, Narsingh Chauhan, Aakash Sharma, Anurag Vishwakarma, Aman Shukla, Yogendra Verma, Ashutosh Pandey, Amit Vishwakarma, Mohit Singh Chauhan, Ravi Chaudhary, Manish Verma, Shobhit Tyagi, Yashpal Singh, Apoorva Chauhan.

Here is sharing some glimpse of processes and experiences:

-Designing: At the start, we designed a prototype of the car using Solidworks. It took a lot of time but the knowledge that we gathered in the process helped us a lot in understanding the concept of mobility engineering. Static analysis and Dynamic analysis helped us generate reports and thus the valid modifications were made accordingly.

-Fabrication: We prepared a BOM and the college provided the initial capital to start the fabrication of the project. In the meantime, we had another group of students working towards sponsorships from industry to bridge the financial gap. Cost efficiency was our major challenge, so we did not shy from using old and re-conditioned parts. This greatly reduced our project cost by as much as 65%. FEA analysis is done on roll cage to obtain high strength and rigidity keeping low mass. We ourselves manufactured parts such as bell crank and upright to keep the overall weight of the car to bare minimum, without compromising on safety. FEA result included roll over, Front impact, side Impact, Front impact deformation.

Our aim was to make a STUDENT FORMULA ONE CAR in compliance to the SUPRA SAE standards. The car that we have designed is stable on the road and safe for the driver. It’s easy handling makes it super-efficient and hence the fun and joy of riding this vehicle multiplies many folds. We are confident that our F1 car will be able to perform well and attract attention of F1 enthusiasts.


“SUPRA SAE has given me a platform to display my talent in front of the world. It has given me a chance to utilize and improve my convincing skills in arranging for sponsorships. It also enhanced my personality and attitude. I am very thankful to my college for providing me this opportunity”

Akash Shukla, Civil 3rd Year (Team Captain)

“My experience at Buddha International Circuit was very good. This event provided us a stage to represent ourselves on national level and develop our skills. There was so much to learn from the technical inspector and other teams”

Gaurav Singh, ME 3rd year (Vice-captain, Team)

 “The best part is the national exposure. Our vehicle getting inspected by people with immense knowledge in Automobile Engineering gave us the chance to truly learn the application level of engineering fundamentals”

Utkarsh Kumar Sharma, EC 3rd year (Electrical and Electronics Head of Team)

“I am very glad to be a part of this event. I have gained so much practical knowledge from this event in just few days. Observing F1-cars of various other teams also gave us new ideas for our future car and interacting with different teams also lead to productive exchange of great ideas”

Aman Shukla, ME 3rd Year (Workshop Head of Team)

 “With this event I realized that if we give enough input and don’t give up, anything is possible. I am very glad and thankful that I was given the responsibility of designing the car. Though we had less time in hand but with our collective effort we were able to fabricate the car in record time. The event was an eye opener for us and we came to realize the mistakes that we made. But with the kind of response we got from the technical inspector we are now confident that we will be able to compete in SUPRA SAE 2017 with the same level as those of premier institutes of India”

Vishnu Kumar Sharma, ME 3rd Year (Designer and Technical Head of Team)

“It was my best experience as I like purchasing and marketing. I was actively involved in the carrying out task related to purchasing. We felt very proud when we went to Noida to compete on an international track.”

Manish Verma, ME 3rd Year (Purchasing and Marketing Head of Team)

 “My SUPRA SAE experience was very good as it gave me a lot of knowledge and technical experience. It taught me on professionalism and hard work. It gave me chance to work on many tools and machines which I used to just look at before”

Mohit Singh Chauhan, ME 3rd year (Tools and Equipment Head of Team)

“I have been working in my automobile workshop at home since my childhood but this was the first time where instead of maintenance work, we actually fabricated the entire car from scratch. This is the very first time that I adequately used my skills in manufacturing a car. Many of my small ideas (innovation) were greatly appreciated.”

Amit Vishwakarma, ME 3rd year (Innovation and Welding Head of Team)


Saeindia Collegiate Club Inauguration Ceremony


The SAE Collegiate club inauguration was held on 27th September, 2016. The club’s main responsibilities are to participate and organize in various technical events. Last year the club members participated in “Supra SAE” Event held in Noida and this year the club members are preparing to participate in 4 events namely Supra SAE, Supra BAJA, Robocon, GO Kart.

The SAE Collegiate club is a national level registered club consisting of 85 registered members and counting.

The details of inauguration ceremony are:

  • Date: 27th September, 2016
  • Venue: Seminar hall, AIMT, Lucknow.
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Crowd Recorded: 150 (30 college dignitaries & faculty members plus 120 students).
  • Guest of Honor: Ambika Mishra Sir (Executive Director).
  • Anchors: Shubhi Paliwal & Abhishek Kumar.
  • Conclusion: All the club officials were officially given their responsibilities with badges, past project team was certified and the proceedings of club were now declared open.

The main events of the inauguration were as follows:

  • Lamp lighting with Ganesh Vandana.
  • A glimpse of the past projects with the help of a motivating video.
  • Distribution of badges to the club officials.
  • Distribution of certificates to the previous year F1 team.
  • A brief introduction about SAE by Karishma Shukla & Shivam Verma.
  • Words from Ambika Sir.
  • Words from our faculty advisor Aditya Sir.
  • Words from chairperson of club Gaurav Singh.
  • Vote of thanks from HOD M.E. Anup Sir.

Lamp lighting with Ganesh vandana

The lamp lighting ceremony took place in which Ambika sir, Alok sir, Mukul sir, Abbas sir, Tandon sir and other dignitaries of the college lighted the lamp along with Ganesh vandana for good conduction of the inauguration.

Distributions of badges to the club officials

List of club Officials:

  • Chairperson: Gaurav Singh
  • Vice Chairperson: Vishnu Kumar Sharma
  • Secretary: Mohit Singh Chauhan
  • Additional Secretary: Utkarsh Kumar Sharma
  • Treasurer: Aman Shukla
  • Additional Treasurer: Aditya Srivastava
  • Membership Chair: Pragya Mishra
  • Reception Chair: Karishma Shukla
  • Publicity Chair: Shivam Verma
  • Additional Publicity Chair: Manish Verma
  • Program Chair: Abhishek Kumar
  • Whip Leader: Amit Vishwakarma

Distribution of certificates to the previous year F1 team

Members of previous year team were:

Akash Shukla, Gaurav Singh, Vishnu Kumar Sharma, Mohit Singh Chauhan, Utkarsh Kumar Sharma, Aman Shukla, Abhishek Kumar, Shobhit Tyagi, Manish Verma, Shivam Verma, Tabish Ali, Yogendra Kumar, Yashpal Singh, Amit Vishwakarma, Prashant Srivastava, Ravi Chaudhary, Aakash Sharma, Apurv Chauhan, Anurag Vishwakarma, Nitesh Kumar Singh, Narsingh Chauhan, Vikash Kumar Singh.

The brief introduction about SAE and the club

Karishma Shukla and Shivam Verma our fellow mates told everyone present about, SAE and our club. The main points they breifed about were:

  • What is SAE?
  • What it works for?
  • Its foundation.
  • Events under it.
  • Level of the club inaugurated.
  • of members in the club.
  • Previous projects of the club.
  • Future projects of the club.
  • Preparations of the projects.

Words from Ambika Sir (Executive Director)

Ambika sir started his speech by congratulating previous year members and gave good wishes for future teams and project. He also assured to give possible help to the teams.

He then shared his experience with the F1 team how they approached him for investment and how he misunderstood the faculty advisor of the team as a student. He then congratulated HOD M.E. and Alok sir for their trust and dedication for the team of F1.

He also requested Aditya sir to innovate more ideas and projects in the college, he also announced cash prize for new project ideas from the students.

Words from Aditya sir (Faculty Advisor)

 Aditya sir started his speech by thanking all the college authorities for funding and believing in his team and in him as well as a project head. He shared what the team’s ranking was all the difficulties the team faced, the reason for their disqualification.

He also shared some of the plans for further projects to be held and their preparation.

 Words from Gaurav Singh (Club Chairperson)

Gaurav Singh started by thanking all to appoint him as a chairperson and assured all that he will fulfill his duties very well.

He further quoted that he is very obliged by the college’s help last year and he thanked everyone for that and said that he believes that he will keep on getting help from the college in future also.

At last he assured that all the club officials will do well and he will give his 100% to make then do so.

 Vote of Thanks By Anup Sir (HOD M.E.)

Anup sir started by congratulating F1 team for what they have gained and gave wishes to future teams.

He shared what he felt for the team’s dedication and hard work and what he did to help them. He further quoted that when someone wants’ something with passion he finally achieves it to whatsoever it takes.

He further thanked the team for making him proud as HOD and keeping his words.

Finally he closed the inauguration by thanking all for attending the inauguration.

Robocon India 2017 – Asobi : The Landing Disc

Robocon (short for Robotic Contest) is organized by Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), a collection of over 20 countries of Asia Pacific Region. NHK, Japan had already been organizing such contests at national level and also became the host of the first ABU Robocon in 2002. Since then, every year one of the member broadcasters hosts this international event.

The broadcasters of each participant country are responsible for conduct of their national contests to select the team which will represent their country in the International Contest. Teams from Engineering and Technological colleges are eligible for participation. Participating Teams are expected to design and fabricate their own robots and organize their teams including an Instructor, Team Leader, Manual Robot Operator and an Automatic Robot Operator.

Every year finals of Robocon India are held on First Saturday of March. The best engineering institutes across the country compete with each other for the honour of representing Indian National team at the International version of the competition for 3 gruelling days. Elimination rounds are held on days preceding the First Saturday of March. This routine schedule been fixed in India through mutual consultations of participating colleges and Doordarshan of India.

Robot making is an interdisciplinary effort where student from Mechanical, Computer Science, Electronics come together to create something extraordinary. The National ABU Robocon 2017 took place in the Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Krida Sankul, Pune on 2-4 March 2017. The contest theme has been declared as “Asobi : The Landing Disc”

Following is the list of students under the mentorship of Mr. Aditya Veer Gautam and Mr. Madar Sonavane and a huge support from ME HOD Mr Anup Singh, actively took part in the making of Asobi robot

ME Student (4 students)

Abhishek Babbar ,   Abhishek K Doharey, Vishnu Sharma, Mohit Chauhan

CS Students (7 Students)

Pooja Negi, Upasna, Priyanka Shukla, Abhishek Pratap, Ashutosh Verma, Manali , Nusrat

EC Students (11 Students)

Subhi Paliwal, Simran Kaur, Utkarsh K Sharma, Atul Tripathi, Aditya Srivastava, Aman VErma, Ankit Dubey, Richa Yadav, Anurag Negi, Arvind Kumar, Ashutosh Srivastava.

The entire team was divided into server groups with specific responsibility e.g. One group was given the responsibility of purchasing, similarly other groups were given the responsibility of

  1. Fabricating the robot structure
  2. Installation of motors
  3. Complete wiring of robot
  4. Fabrication the control panel of robot
  5. Coding of Arduino controller and Motor shield MDD10A.
  6. Construction of Arena
  7. Testing of Robot and calibration
  8. Sponsorship

Although each group has some responsibility but the composition of group was very fluid so that everyone is able to learn all things associated with the robot making

Auto India Racing Championship (AIRC) 2017

Auto India Racing Championship 2016-17 is a GO-KART racing event, where under graduate and graduate students are given opportunity to design and fabricate their four wheeled vehicle. This event is an intercollegiate design competition for engineering students. The vehicle must be aerodynamic, highly engineered, safe and ergonomically designed. The design should be commercially viable as a product and should be attractive to the consumers because of its visual appearance, performance, reliability and ease of operation.

The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for engineering students to develop their skills and also their stepping stone in automobile sector in India and come up with some innovative designs. Students have to tackle real world engineering problems, work in multidisciplinary teams, practice design for manufacturability and manage a full product development cycle of life.

The Competition includes designing, fabricating and validating a four wheeled vehicle driven by one driver. The vehicle would be capable to be driven by one driver on gasoline. The vehicle would be evaluated for its design, performance, safety, durability and the teams compete against each other. The cumulative scores of all the events would decide the overall ranking of the teams in the event.

Details of our team members.

Faculty Advisor

Mr. Anurag Rai

Mechanical 15 students
Nitesh kumar singh , Rahul singh , Rohit kumar ,Rahul gupta ,Abhinav Tripathi ,Rupak kumar, Nitesh chaurashiya ,Mohd Imarn Hashmi ,Tabish Ali ,Ashutosh yadav ,Suraj singh ,Ravi Nishad, Abhay gupta ,Mohd Jaeem ,Puhar kannaujia


Information technology 1 student

Akash pandey


Electronics and Communication 4 students

Shewta Maurya ,Swapnil Tripathi ,Anuj kumar ,Sonika Rao

The registration was done in December 2016.

Then in the first week of January a 4 day workshop was conducted by AIRC in Pune to get students familiarized automobile basics.

Day 1 3D modeling software training

Day 2 CAM and CAE software training

Day 3 Manufacturing: How to operate different machine

Day 4 Engine assembly and servicing

Approximately 2 months later Final round (main event) was held in the mid of March. Team has to take their go-kart to Pune for technical inspection and then racing

Stall Mart Event [gaming Zone]

Introduction: – The SAE collegiate club organized event including few games in the “tech fest 2k16” in our college. There were games like: –

  1. Blow balloons
  2. Clink a coin
  3. Straw band
  4. Dart game
  5. Brake the glass

The basic purpose was to arrange money for the projects in future that will be held under SAE collegiate was officially controlled by our faculty advisor “Aditya sir”. He proceeded the idea of stall with permissions of officials. Many members of the club helped in managing the stalls & allow people to enjoy the games Manish Verma, Gaurav Singh, Apoorv Chauhan, Anurag Vishwakarma, Mohit singh Chauhan, Shobhit Tyagi, Abhishek Kumar, Shubhi Palliwal, Indrani Pandey, Pooja Negi, Priyanka Shukla etc. Some members are not in SAE club but they members helped us in making the event successful.

The description of the events are as follows;

Blow Balloons

This task was for strong lungs. In this task, it was asked to blow 4 balloons in 1 minute. The person who completed the challenge got a chance pick 1 chit from lucky draw & got gifts according to that like friendship band, key rings, chips, chocolate etc. the cost for playing the game was 10 Rupee. The total investment for this game was 40 Rupees & luckily got profit of 100 Rupees. We get several winners from this game & it attracted many people.

Clink coin

This task was all about physics. It just needed a simple trick to win but people took it as luck game. In this task there was a bucket full of water & a ring was kept at center of bucket. All you had to do is to put a coin in ring   from top everyone got 2 chances to this. If any coin reaches inside the ring the person wins. The cost for playing this game too was 10 Rupee & same process for winner to get gifts. The investment in this game was nothing but luckily we get enough profit of about 200 Rupees. People found it really interesting.

Straw band

This game was the most interesting one & many people tried this too. This game was looking simple but unfortunately few people were successful only. In this game it was asked to use a straw to put a rubber band in vertical rod kept just beside it, by holding straw in mouth. The limit was 5 straws in a minute. It draws attention of many people around & we got enough in our pocket. The person who completed the challenge got a chance pick 1 chit from lucky draw & got gifts according to that like friendship band, key rings, chips, chocolate etc. The cost for playing the game was 10 Rupees. It needed more investment than other game but luckily we were in profit. The total investment for this game was 60 Rupees & luckily got profit of 300 Rupees. We got several winners from this game & it attracted many

Dart game

This game was also very good game but unfortunately we got less people interested in this, but still many tried. In this game every player got 5 chances to hit dart board & score 102 to win. The target could be said for lucky on. This game needed concentration to hit correctly. The person who completed the challenge got a chance pick 1 chit from lucky draw & got gifts according to that like friendship band, key rings, chips, chocolate etc. the cost for playing the game was 10 Rupees. There was no investment in this game because we got dart from our friend and profit was 50 Rupees. So whatever we got was counted as profit. The gifts were given according to previous procedure that was winner got chance to pick gifts through lucky draw.

Brake the glass

This game looked very simple but it also needed skills & concentration in throwing ball. Being attached with sports this game attracted most visitors. It was most played & liked game in event. All you need to do is make all steel glass fell down with 3 shots of ball from certain limit. everyone was showing much interest in this. The person who completed the challenge got a chance pick 1 chit from lucky draw & got gifts according to that like friendship band, key rings, chips, chocolate etc. the cost for playing the game was 10 Rupees. The total investment for this game was nil & luckily got maximum profit 350 Rupees. We got less number of winners from this game & it attracted many we got maximum profit from this game.  Due to this much interest in this we are planning it on bigger scale next time.

At last I would like to say that the event was really encouraging for us. it was the first event that we organized under SAE collegiate club. After seeing the success of the event we are hoping for more such events in future on larger scale. There were many hands making the event successful. We got a good profit by investing less in each. I would like to thank our faculty advisor “Aditya sir” for encouraging us to organize it well.

The event was very promoting for us; it gave us lots of beautiful memories as well as plans to organize such events in future. Hope we will arrange many more exciting events & games with the help of members of our SAE collegiate club.

Tifan – Self Propelled Onion Harvester

TIFAN stands for “Technology Innovation Forum for Agricultural Nurturing”.

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is an international organization. It’s operations in India, SAEINDIA ( was started in 1994. In 2010, Off-Highway board was established, which caters to the aspect of mobility engineering related to all vehicles / equipment operated in rough terrain, mining, farm and non-track e.g. agriculture, construction and defense. Since its inauguration, board has been instrumental in focusing on the common issues related to Technologies of tomorrow and talent pool and has organized several national level events like –

  • “FINE2010” – 2 weeks of induction program in Off-Highway companies for the faculties of engineering colleges
  • “EDU Meet 2013” to aspire women engineers for Off-Highway industry
  • “SINE2013 & 2015” – 2 weeks of induction program in Off-Highway companies for the women engineering students
  • “Futuristic Technologies and Orbit shifting Business Strategies for Indian Off-Highway industry”

SAEINDIA Off-highway board is glad to inform you with the start of our first ever student’s competition program named ‘TIFAN’.

TIFAN stands for “Technology Innovation Forum for Agricultural Nurturing”.

Off-highway board is very happy to initiate this competition targeted to solve the farming challenges using mechanized solutions. It provides platform for connecting the bright and prosperous engineering talent available in the country with the real life challenges of agriculture sector. Through this program student from engineering and agricultural colleges across India will participate in providing innovative solution towards product design & development challenge.