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A word which could define the future of any child, rather it decides the future of a ‘Nation’. Engineers are not only people who develop something creative and innovative for their own sake but also developing something for the sake of effectively utilizing all the resources in the minimum amount of time that results in satisfying the basic needs of people in the best possible way.

Engineering is a huge discipline which is a combination of science and technology; how we apply the already known facts, laws and logistics by the help of technology to develop a new product or innovate / update the pre-existing product.

When it comes to talking about the term ‘technical’, it has no existence, if we do not know the basics of science and technology or how to apply any algorithm on a certain problem or how to effectively use the graphics and machines, etc.

Engineers are the people who need not only be a perfectionist in their field but rather a good engineer is one who in spite of knowing about the concepts related to his field, has a basic conceptual information about all the fields and uses or combines all these information to develop an effective system/product at a cheaper cost so that it should be available to most of the people and should be reliable and user-friendly and eco-friendly.

Currently, our nation has engineers in almost all of the departments whether it is technical or as an entrepreneur,  teacher, politician, actor, singer, and so on.

Engineers are creating a big boom in all sections of society.

So the conclusion is, Engineering is not only limited to one field, rather it gives a direction in helping make your dreams turn into reality by doing something creative, innovative and unique for the enhancement of people, society and as a whole, NATION.