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India, which is the first country whose space shuttle landed successfully on Mars in its first attempt… India “With an expected growth of 7.5 per cent this year for the first time, leading the World Bank’s growth chart of major economies,” said Kaushik Basu, but along with the accelerating growth, India on the parallel side is suffering from a serious malady that is gender discrimination.

Gender discrimination is an ancient problem of the world but if we see history of India we find women given importance in all fields including education. Women like Vidodtma, Gargi were educated and renowned personalities of ancient era. But in this modern era we see that in all fields there is a rise in gender discrimination.

In this 21st century people still kill girl-child at the time of birth and the one’s that survive may not necessary receive education. Not only our society but government also discriminates by not allowing them to pursue certain career option for eg. in military women cannot apply on the frontline despite being as qualified and competent like their male counterparts. Inspite of doing same amount of work women get paid less than the men in some fields. Female academics, actors, athletes, etc. earn less, on an average, for similar work. Not always but gender pay gaps (inequality in employment & earnings) do exist with added work problems like harassment at work, gender bias in distribution of health and education, gender inequality in freedom expression, survival inequality, ownership inequality, gender inequality in respect of violence and victimisation etc.

From birth to death girls are fighting for their natural rights and one major drawback is the Dowry system in our society. Girls and women alike unable to take the mental and physical agony take to committing suicide. Government has many laws to deal and prevent cruelty against women but we still have a long way before we can totally control it. Until and unless We as individuals don’t take a strong stand against these discriminations, laws will just remain laws on paper. We all need to fight against this Ourselves and before condemning our society we need to take the first step against the main core of this disease and that core is Us.  The day this core will be cured that day will be the beginning of a new era of disease free India.