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International Yoga Day 2022

By June 23, 2022No Comments
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 Report- International Yoga Day

Name of the Event: Session on the occasion of International Yoga Day-2022

Theme: Yoga for Wellness

Date of Conduction of the Event:  21st June 2022, Tuesday

Name of the Speaker: Mr. Santosh

Details of the Speaker:  An aspiring fitness expert, determined to make a difference. He believes that Yoga is a holistic and integral science of life dealing with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of an individual and society.

Organization of Speaker:   Fitness Expert fitness Gym

Speaker Specialization:   Yoga

Main Theme of the Event: The theme was to imbibe a sense of self disciple and help the participants connect with ones physical, emotional and spiritual well being amid rise in COVID-19 cases. The event was held for faculty and students, with practitioner guiding them at AIMT Campus.


Photos Attached: Yes

Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology Invites students and faculty member to join Mr. Santosh on the occasion of International Yoga Day on 21st June 2022, Tuesday at AIMT CAMPUS


The event was held to increase awareness among students, faculty and staff member of Ambalika to sensitize them about the importance of yoga as well as physical activities amid rose in COVID -19 cases as practicing yoga increases our body’s immunity and inner strength, it will also give us more strength in the fight against COVID. The practitioner taught a few basic poses along with focusing on the fact that yoga  increases mental and physical energy, a boost in alertness and enthusiasm, and fewer negative feelings after getting into a routine of practicing yoga.


It was a great team building activity and a source of reuniting with students and colleagues.




   Event Coordinator: Dr. Shweta Mishra