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Mechanical engineering students stand to benefit immensely with hands on experience in handling machines such as automobiles. One of the best ways to expose them to the complexities of the machine parts is to disassemble Tata safari lock stock and barrel. The SUV is a magnificent beast to learn how all the components work together to deliver fearsome power and speed to the vehicle. Removing the Chassis, engine and transmission system reveals a fabulous world of subsystems of the vehicle. Let’s dissect each one of them:

Exterior body:

The exterior body of the vehicle is designed in proportion to the surface and shape. It is created with the help of steel, aluminium, copper, glass as well as rubber. Stylish shape of Tata safari has undergone different changes over the period of years but the basic framework has remained the same. Exterior of the vehicle also consists of a bumper, wings and the skills. Carbon fibre is in demand in recent times as it makes the vehicle lightweight and durable.

Steering System:

The steering system is used to transmit the power to the wheel through the pivoted joints for turning the wheel to a significant distance. The swivelling motion of the road wheels plays an important role in balancing the car. With the help of steering wheel, it is possible to turn the tires at suitable angles at the sharper bends.

Air-conditioning System:

Air conditioning system consists of the pump like the compressor which is connected to the crankshaft of the engine by a belt. Gas is pulled inside the compressor as the belt pushes it into operation. Pressure is applied to the gas that is transmitted to the condenser which eliminates the heat out of the car similar to a radiator.

Transmission System:

Since TATA safari is a front engine rear wheel drive vehicle, the transmission system works by transferring the power from the engine to the rear axle with the help of the clutch and the gearbox. A long tubular propeller shaft provides the passage to fire up the rear wheels.

Electrical System:

The electrical system consists of a single battery that is connected to the components of the car via cable. It plays an important role in starting and ignition apart from providing power to the lights, sensors as well as heating systems.

Breaking System:

Braking system comprises of four wheels that are controlled by hydraulic technology. Front brakes play an instrumental role in stopping the car because, during the process, the whole weight of the vehicle is applied to the front wheel.

Suspension System:

One of the primary objectives of the car suspension system is to enhance the friction between the tires and the road surface so that sufficient steering ability is provided to the vehicle for impeccable balance and comfort. With the help of suspension system, the wheels can easily move in a vertical position with the springs and the dampers.

After the disassembling of the vehicle, students sliced open the engine block and the gear boxes to analyse different components. Thereafter, engine, the transmission system, steering, and chassis were assembled together. A high powered battery was connected to the system to explain to the students how the components worked together. It was a hand on experience for the budding engineers to improve the understand of the theoretical knowledge.