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OYO Campus Engagement Program aims at engaging with Colleges across India and offer the students an opportunity to work with the fastest growing start-up. It’s a great leadership opportunity closely connected to the brand and helps to build a strong network among other participants of the same program. It also gives them an opportunity to learn the key business skills and in return have an opportunity to get recognized, get internship certificates, earn PPI/ PPO.


OYO Live Interns recognizes enthusiastic students, hardworking and motivated students by giving them opportunity to develop knowledge and sales skills by generating demand for OYO.


1. Gain knowledge about sales.

2. Earn while you Learn-Get some monetary benefits.

3. Boost your resume as you gain valuable sales experience.

4. Opportunity to connect with the core team of OYO.

5. Get a certificate of being a Live Intern.

6. Get a chance to be  anext OYO Ambassador and full time Internship opportunities for top performers.


1. The applicant must be a on going college student.

2. Good Communication and sales skills are required.

3. Strong interpersonals kills and convincing skills.

4. Should be proactive and enthusiastic about sales.

5. Should be available for minimum 2 months.

Job Description-

1. Conduct a proper research around you and analyze the market.

2. Generate leads for the company from different markets.

3. Promote OYO through various Social Media Channels.

4. Minimum target is 10 Room Nights per month.


Work from your campus


Performance Based

OYO Ambassador Program                                       

OYO Ambassador Program recognizes enthusiastic students, hardworking and motivated students by giving them opportunity to develop knowledge and leadership skills by representing OYO in their College campus.

Benefits –

  1. Obtain leadership roles on your campus.
  2. Earn while you learn.
  3. Boost your resume with your position of responsibility & experience.
  4. Get a certificate of Campus ambassador.
  5. Get Cool OYO Merchandise such as T-shirts, Sippers, Mugs etc.
  6. Opportunity to meet other ambassadors in OYO coffee connect.
  7. Full Time Internship opportunities/ PPO for top performers.

Eligibility –

  1. The applicant must be a pre-final year student of a college/university (Active students of any stream from 2nd year onwards can apply).
  2. Good Communication skill is required.
  3. Strong interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.
  4. Previous experience in organizing events would be an advantage but it is not mandatory.
  5. Should be proactive, creative and enthusiastic.
  6. Should be available for 6 months.

Job Description –

  1. Come up with innovative ideas to associate OYO with your college.
  2. Participate and promote – Encourage people from your college to participate in our Campus engagement program.
  3. Minimum target of 10 Room nights to be achieved in order to continue to the next month.
  4. Be a leader and work with a team of 3-4 Live interns.
  5. Ensure 15 App downloads per month.
  6. Promote OYO in social media.
  7. Set up a travel club in the campus.

Location – Work from your Campus

Stipend – Performance based