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“I wish the road wasn’t narrow, the lane stops me 600 meters before my house.”

“I’m so tired, I feel as though I haven’t slept in days, I shouldn’t be drinking so much after getting home, I hardly remember anything”

“I really do hate walking alone in the night, plus I’m out of cigarettes.”


*phone vibrates*

News notification 

Guy stabbed in the neck, vocal cords pulled out, third case in the neck murder;

*Raman was walking home from night shift, when suddenly he received a message from an unknown number, “You deserve it.”
This made him pale and uneasy and out of nervousness he looked back suddenly… he couldn’t believe his eyes!
Before he could utter a word, a powerful cut sliced his throat and blood oozed out like waterfall, and then a force reached in the depths of his throat and pulled out the vocal cords and left him for dead. 
The crime seems to give the message, Even in the moment of death one isn’t allowed to speak.*

“This is the third time in a row somebody had been killed with their throat ripped out.”

“What’s weird is that I always forget what happens after I get this news on my phone, my phone battery inevitably gets discharged.”

“All I remember is that…”

*stares at the reader*

“You deserve it…”


Harsh Sharma, Civil 3rd Year.