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TEENAGERS- looking at them from a different perspective

16-18 years are a teenager’s biggest decision making years.

We all have faced the biggest predicament at an age when actually we were not aware of the depthness of the word DILEMMA and the importance of our decision making.

Teenage years from a different perspective is a crucial stage not in the sense that teenagers become influenced by lot of external factors or go through infatuations or tend to select a wrong path….but teenagers they know their mind and make their most life-changing decisions at that stage…on deciding their career choice.

Yes, a teenager is a primary decision maker. Don’t you THINK? Just go back and recollect your days. At the age of 16 we were making the biggest decision of our career as to select our stream, our subject, our college, correct or wrong but it was our Life’s first major decision.


Friends we make at this stage last a life time.

The city we have moved to, to pursue OUR career becomes the most important place of our life.

And the moments lived while we struggle to become someone are the most unforgettable ones.

So why do we think and hear other’s say that teenagers and the teenage years are most immature, empty minded and an influential age?

It is the time to make decisions willingly or unwillingly right or wrong. So become a part of their decision-making but do guide them too so that later in life when they look back they thank you for the direction showed when they were so- called ‘misjudged teenagers’.

-Garima Sharma