Student Career Counselling And Mentoring Cell Committee

The motive of this Committee is to prepare a conducive environment for eminence in sports. It organizes frequent tournaments for active participation of the students, thereby giving them an arena to develop mentally as well as physically.


  1. To address the conflicts in attitudes, habits and knowledge of the students towards learning practices.
  2. To monitor the students’ regularity and discipline.
  3. To enable the parents to know about the performance and regularity of their wards.
  4. To counsel the students for solving their problems and taking confidence, building measures to achieve their goals.
  5. To support students in their career related challenges.
  6. To help the students to get the suitable jobs / placements
  7. To provide career and employment related information and to guide students towards career opportunities including opting higher education.

The Practices:

  1. Every class/section has two coordinators/mentors and each mentor will not have more than thirty students
  2. Informal mentoring takes place spontaneously between mentor and the student.
  3. Informal mentoring occurs through a program with an established structure.
  4. If any unusual and abnormal activity is observed on the part of student the mentor shall identify and discuss with the student for further counseling and rectification of the problems, and if required problem is reported to Head for needful action.
S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1 Dr. Alok Mishra Director Chairman
2 Dr. P.K. Dwivedi Applied Science Convener
3 Mr. A.K. Trivedi Electronics Engineering Co-Convener
4 Mr. R.S. Mishra Civil Engineering Member
5 Mr. Sunil Singh Applied Science Member
6 Mr. Anup Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
7 Dr. Bhawesh Thakur Computer Science and Engineering Member
8 Mr. Dawar Hussain Electronic Engineering Member
9 Mr. J.P.Dixit  Information Technology Member
10 Mrs. Shweta Mishra Business Administration Mentor
11 Mrs. Priyanka Dwivedi PDP Mentor
12 Mr. Alok Mishra Computer Science and Engineering Member
13 Dr. Kamlesh Singh Training Member
14 Mr. Amritanshu Vaish Placement Member
15 Mrs. Shweta Singh Admin Coordinator Member