Sports Committee


A. To instill a passion for sports among students and educators.
B. To provide for everyone’s participation in sports education, coaching, and training so they can learn how to maintain their physical fitness.
C. To increase participants’ interest in the sports community.
D. To accomplish the objectives, we intend to hold a variety of tournaments in the following sports: badminton, chess, cricket, basketball, football, and table tennis.
E. To encourage students’ development of physical competence as well as their own physical health and well-being.
F. The committee strives to foster traits like sportsmanship, teamwork, and comradery.
G. It is intended to serve the community’s interests in competitive sports and other leisure pursuits, including both indoor and outdoor activities.


A.The committee will encourage students and faculty members to participate in sports.
B. Fostering a sense of teamwork through friendly competition
C. To plan frequent sporting events to prepare students for regional and international contests.
D. To set up improved coaching facilities
E. Maintaining sporting equipment properly;
F. giving the sports the infrastructure they need.

S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1 Mr. Shiv Singh Convener
2 Mr. Vikash Sharma Co convener
3 Mr. Gaurav Shukla Member
4 Mr. Priyatam Kr. Srivastava Member
5 Mr. Surya Kant Shukla Member
6 Mr. Amit Gangwar Member
7 Dr. Swati Srivastava Member
8 Ms. Sudheer Kumar Member
9 Mr. Durgesh Tripathi Member
10 Mr. Vipin Rawat Member
11 Mr. Sandeep Dwivedi Member