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Seminar on ‘Importance Of Intellectual Property Rights In Innovation Management’.

A seminar on ‘Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in Innovation Management was organized by MBA Department of Ambalika Institute Of Management And Technology in collaboration with PHD Chambers on 24th September,2018.

The targeted audience comprised of all MBA and B.Tech students. The key objective of this seminar was to sensitize the participants towards the basis of IPR and its role in enhancing the quality of innovation and protection of ideas.

The Chief Guest for the seminar was Mr. U C Shukla, Director MSME, Development Institute, Government Of India, Kanpur.

The keynote speaker for the seminar was Mr. Mukesh Bahadur (Co Chairman, PHD Chamber), Mrs Anuradha Goel (Resident Director, PHD Chamber), Mr Sandeep Agarwal (Director, Adastra IP)

The seminar started with the welcome speech by Mrs. Shweta Mishra, HOD, MBA, Ambalika Institute Of Management And Technology.

The eminent speakers provided an overview about various facts of IPR including patents, designs, copyrights, trademarks along with growing horizon for the same.

All the dignitaries of the institution Mr Ambika Mishra (Executive Director, AIMT), Dr. S Q Abbas (Director General, AIMT), Dr Alok Mishra, (Director AIMT) along with heads of constituent departments of Ambalika Institute Of Management And Technology were present on the occasi

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