Research & Development Committee


  1. To inspire academic members and students to pursue research and innovation.
  2. To establish research hubs in many fields of study.
  3. Closely collaborating with the industrial requirements that will eventually lead to new or enhanced goods, procedures, systems, or services that will boost business efficiency.
  4. To promote partnerships for mutual gain and to enhance industrial connectivity.
  5. To develop partnerships with other universities, the public sector, and the corporate sector and to find R&D initiatives, including consulting services, that the institution could take on.
  6. To encourage research across the Institute’s departments.
  7. To guarantee the institution’s R&D is managed efficiently and effectively.


  1. The committee will encourage students and professors to submit research papers in order to advance research and development operations.
  2. Encouraging people to get patents for their inventions
  3. To regularly host seminars and workshops on new technologies and trends with an emphasis on innovations.
  4. To plan consistent, market-relevant industrial training programs for the pupils.
  5. To arrange for the students’ regular attendance on industrial tours
  6. To annually host a conference on innovations.