Proctorial Board Committee


A.    The aims and objectives of the Committee shall be to maintain the overall discipline in the Institute campus including hostel, mess, and canteen including student transport in buses up to their residence or nearest stop.

B.     To look after the work of disciplinary committee.

Responsibilities & Mechanism

A.    The members of the committee shall be vigilant in the campus for discipline.

B.     If any indiscipline occurs in the campus, student shall bring it to the notice of committee through proctor.

C.     A meeting shall be called to discuss the complaint.

D.     The views of each individual member shall be taken during the meeting.

E.      The recommendations of the members shall be sought regarding the issue.

Session(2023 -24)

Sno. Name Designation Mobile no Email
1. Mr. Satish Kumar Singh Proctor 7704857777
2. Mr. Gaurav Shukla Asst. Proctor 9005794006
3. Mr. Vipin Rawat Asst. Proctor 8229102590
4. Mr.  Amit Gangwar Asst. Proctor 7018066492
5. Mrs. Vandana Pathak HOD ME 9455942364
6. Mr. Suresh Maithani HOD AS 8299124364
7. Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh Member 8004970225
8. Mr. Surya Kant Shukla HOD CE 8318279698
9. Dr. Rahul Singh Member 9628324963
10. Dr. Avneesh K. Singh Member 9235704436
11. Dr. Pankaj Prajapati Member 9450638547
12. Mr. Ramesh Tiwari Hostel Warden 8957263817
13. Mr. Parasuram Mishra Admin 7860373318