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Today’s Blog focuses on the Research work made on ‘ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BASED SELF-MONITORING AND ROOTING FOR CORE INITIALIZING SYSTEM ANALYSIS IN COMMUNICATION CONTROL UNIT FOR 6R ARTICULATED ROBOT’ conducted by our Esteemed Director of Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology Dr. Alok Mishra and much respected faculty member Kamlesh Singh (Asst. Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department).

We are Proud to announce that Dr. Alok Mishra and Kamlesh Singh have been granted the Patent on their research work in the field of Industrial Robotics. We all appreciate that their success is a result of their persistence, patience and hard work.

This research is based on Artificial Intelligence based Self-Monitoring for Machine Critical Processes and Rooting for Core INI System Analysis in Communication Control Unit (Main Communication Unit) for 6R Articulated Robot. The problem of Critical system analysis and finding mathematical tools to represent industrial robot manipulators is to achieve desired position for rigid body motions in space. 6R is considered to be a well-researched with rooting and well-understood mathematical problem. Industrial Robotics, machine vision, computer graphics, and other Dynamics Engineering disciplines require co concise and efficient improve means of representing and applying fiberized coordinate motion kinematics transformations in six dimensions. We initiate Communication Control Unit for Industrial robot manipulators or 6R Robotics requires systematic period of ways to represent the Root based position or orientation of a Robotics Motion links and Robotics Motion External objects. This research represents Artificial Intelligence Optimization algo which are capable of resolving any types of multidimensional motion can be implemented to solve the forward kinematic problem and Root Communication Control for 6R Articulated Robot.

WE at AMBALIKA are enormously proud of you and the great honour you have brought to the Ambalika Institute by your accomplishment.

We look forward to sharing with you many more years of continued success and achievements.

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