New Education Policy(NEP) Committee


The committee is established to ensure the effective implementation and continuous monitoring of the National Education Policy (NEP) in engineering colleges to promote excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in engineering education.


  1. Policy Implementation:Ensure that the NEP guidelines are effectively implemented within the engineering college.
  2. Curriculum Alignment:Oversee the alignment of the engineering curriculum with NEP recommendations, emphasizing multidisciplinary learning, flexibility, and skill development.
  3. Faculty Development:Facilitate faculty training and development programs to equip educators with the skills and knowledge required for NEP-aligned teaching practices.
  4. Assessment and Evaluation:Monitor the implementation of continuous assessment methods and evaluate their impact on student learning and development.
  5. Infrastructure and Technology:Review and advice on the use of technology and infrastructure to support NEP objectives, including online learning resources and digital tools.
  6. Research and Innovation:Encourage and support research and innovation activities within the engineering college.
  7. Student Welfare:Ensure that NEP implementation benefits all students, with a focus on equity, inclusion, and support for diverse student needs.
  8. Governance and Autonomy:Review governance structures and autonomy mechanisms to align with NEP principles.
  9. Industry Collaboration:Promote collaboration with industries and other stakeholders to enhance practical learning and industry-relevant skills.
S.No. Name Of Faculty Department Designation
1 Mrs. Pooja Bajaj Assistant Professor-MBA Convener
2 Dr. Vinay Kumar Yadav Associate Professor-MBA Co-convener
3 Dr. Abhishek Mishra Dean Academics Co-convener
4 Mr. Anup Kumar Singh Controller of Examinations Member
5 Dr. Pankaj Prajapati Registrar Member
6 Mr. Alok Mishra HOD (CSE) Member
7 Mr. Gaurav Shukla Assistant Professor-MBA Member
8 Mrs. Vandana Pathak HOD-Mechanical Engineering Member
9 Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh Assistant Professor-Applied Science Member
10 Mr. Surya Kant Shukla HOD-Civil Engineering Member
11 Mr. Amit Gangwar Vice Principal (Diploma) Member
12 Mr. Naveen Kumar Sharma HOD-Bio. Technology Member