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MOTIVATION: As definition says,  it’s a force or push to achieve your goal.

But do we really need that push? A goal which is to be achieved is inherited inside a soul and is never taken from any other body, and if that goal, desire, want is really important it will never ask for a push. The requirement of that achievement will automatically push you. Some say that the hardship is the part of reaching a desire, and this desire needs a light and a reason to reach it, else it becomes impossible. But if the light is inside the soul of an individual it will reflect throughout the path which helps to overcome the hardships in between and there is no need of another light source. The great personalities as they say motivate others, but did they ever think of motivation? Who made them achieve what they are now or what they were? There was a inside zeal and enlightenment in them which motivate others. As every unique soul or individual is different, for some its a spider building its web that motivates, for some it’s the birds that become the reason to fly.

So lets give a thought as to, ‘Why we are’? Is it only for the love of our parents, for affection and for pampering, only for schooling, studies, a billionaire’s job, on being a wife/husband or is there some other Big reason, which will be a motivation for us to live for it. But some take there whole life to find that reason.

So look around and find that reason to be here, look around an observe that light for your path, or make your internal soul bring out that light in you. Then together each light will brighten the whole world.

-Garima Sharma,

PDP Trainer

(blog on motivation written by Garima sharma – is also on speeking tree ” TIMES OF INDIA”-