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 I am Hammad Rasool, Team Captain of Ambalika ‘customized Bike’ Group of Mechanical engineering Department (2010-2014).

At Ambalika Institute I gained vast knowledge not only in my stream but in all spheres of life. In this project, my team members and I came up with different design ideas for the bike and executed them on AutoCAD, PRO/E, Solidworks to observe if those ideas worked well, which gradually formed the basis of the AMBIKE.

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All that we learnt in our B.Tech years, we poured it into this project and were guided in the right direction by one of the best faculty. The state of the art in-house labs and hi-tech machines of industrial grade from Kuka to Seimens established at Ambalika made our work a lot easier as well as exposed us to an environment of real Industry.

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Ambalika Institute offers an incredibly collaborative environment, and there are always people from all facets of life that are willing to engage in conversation or provide students with new insights or feedback on their ideas. Here one had the opportunity to apply some of the methods one learnt in class into real projects that helped us in developing some of our technical skills that are required in today’s time.

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I have definitely benefited from being able to apply everything that I learned in the classroom to a real-world project that I was excited to work on. Most importantly one of the things that made me eager to work on the project is the level of trust that Ambalika Institute offers to its students. It’s easy to feel like an amateur when you’re learning a new skill or changing careers, but at Ambalika I have always felt like I have something important to contribute to the mix, and that my opinions are valuable.

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Also being engaged with some of the most amazing people is more than what one can ask for.

Here I have shared some pictures of my teammates and me.

Thankyou Ambalika.

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