Mba Department Club

Ambalika Finance Club

The Philosophy

The essence of finance and its analysis is learnt by application, the hands on learning which gets engrained in the students skill set for the life time. It’s hence the endeavor of the club to harness the talent of AMBALIKA in the financial aspects of management, in a composite manner by combining the faculty and the students focus for the mutual benefit of the tripartite synergy (faculty, students and the corporate).



  • Investor Rights, Obligations and Rights to Remedies.
  • ‘Overview of the Exchange’, ‘Capital Markets’, ‘Derivative Markets’.
  • Students will learn about stock exchange structure, its operations, products traded on it.
  • Seminars on important and contemporary topics.
  • Panel discussions and expert committee review.
  • Providing the research and development topics.
  • Organizing debate and group discussion.
  • The club’s activities cover a broad range of verticals within finance such as investment banking, securities, private equity, venture capital, retail banking, wealth management, insurance and microfinance.
  • The club provides continuous guidance and counseling to the students regarding careers in fin
  • ance and assists the student community in preparing for their recruitment interviews.

* Finance Club Meeting will take place every Monday from 3.35pm till 4.30pm. (Activities & Events , Club Meeting , Lectures on)

  • Corporate Finance (CFI)
  • Investments (INV)
  • Derivatives (DRV)
  • Financial Accounting Analysis (FAA)
  • Private Equity and Financial Entrepreneurship (PEF)
  • Applied Knowledge for the Financial Manager (APP)
  • Dummy Trading
  • Students Presentations
  • Case Studies

Student Representatives:

Student Coordinator MBA Second Year
Student Coordinator MBA First Year



To uphold the highest ideals in HR management, enhancing the recognition and value of our profession.To be recognized as most authorities voice on HR management issues, to be professional body and leading authority and influence, and to set agenda for HR professionals.To promote and encourage cooperation and amicable relations between members and with members of other organizations, to provide a medium through which information of interest or value to members may be readily gathered and communicated, by arranging periodical meetings of the clubParticipate in projects, to produce service and reports and to publish the results of such research: To publish journals, reports, books, newsletters, electronic media and other material: To establish and maintain a library and associated information services.  HR Club Meeting will take place every Wednesday from 3.35pm till 4.30pm.

Club Events

The HR club holds events all through the year to enable students to gain insights into the latest happenings in the field of HR. The plethora of activities range from

  • Conferences
  • Games & Exercises etc.
  • National & In house Seminars
  • Special lecture series by corporate Human Resource Person
  • Research Paper presentation
  • HR Quiz
  • Debate
  • OB –Lab
  • Case study competitions

Student Representative:

Student Coordinator MBA Second Year
Student Coordinator MBA First Year


Introducing the Club:

The Ambalikans Marketing Club is a Management student-led organization dedicated to providing hands-on marketing experiences to students of all majors. These experiences include product and service branding, ideation (idea generation), networking with business professionals, and project management in a collaborative environment.Additionally, the Marketing Club intends to develop professional skills such as communication and organization, while deepening our understanding of the field of marketing.Students wishing to join the Marketing Club can do so by contacting the Club through


Activities & Events:

  • Treks
  • Mini projects
  • Business Games
  • Case Discussions
  • Speaker Series
  • Sale promotion contest
  • Ad making contest

*And much more!

Student Representative-
Student Coordinator MBA Second Year
Student Coordinator MBA First Year



Through the establishment of the debate club there has been an opportunity for the students to express their opinions, to contribute to solving problems in the society through a constructive and argumentative approach. The mission of Club is to encourage and facilitate the acquisition and refinement of public speaking skills by its students. The Club builds valuable public speaking, critical thinking and argumentation skills in its members. Members of this club practice these skills in weekly debates on a wide variety of current issues. Participating in debate makes its members more confident speaker, teaches them to analyze issues quickly and effectively, and makes them more informed about the world around.


  • Stimulating students’ critical thinking
  • Developing research, analytical and creative abilities
  • Listening to and accepting opposite opinions related to controversial issues, i.e. improving the skills in reaching a consensus.
  • Application of the acquired knowledge and abilities in taking exams and acquisition of experiences and qualities necessary for students’ future and professional development.
  • Organising and participating in various events.
  • Organising inter departmental & intra departmental debate tournaments within the Institute
  • Organising seminars for public speaking and debate
  • Organising events at which controversial questions would be discussed and different attitudes would be expressed.


  • Club Meetings
  • Inter-Department Debates.
  • Annual Inter-Department / Intra department Debates (plan for future)

Student Representative:

Student Coordinator MBA Second Year
Student Coordinator MBA First Year


Entrepreneurship & Placement Club:
The Entrepreneurship club is a unique club, which guides students & provide them required information to be a successful Entrepreneur and Launch their own Venture.


  • To promote and create understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • To teach the basics of entrepreneurship and what makes a good business idea.
  • To help students recognize the importance of entrepreneurship in the business world.

Proposed events and activities:

  • Mentoring
  • Funding
  • Talent
  • Networking
  • Business Plan Competitions
  • Entrepreneurship Conference
  • Startup idea assessment contest
  • Distinguished speakers series