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  • It’s an artistic work with the excellence of engineering.
  • First a 3d model of the logo is created by using solid works.
  • For this the image of the logo is imported in solid works.
  • After that the outlines of the image are traced and the sketches extruded for different heights.
  • After making the 3d model of the logo, it is saved with the .stl extension.
  • Then the component gets converted into .stl format.
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Cube Pro

  • Cube pro software is used to control the 3d printer.
  • It creates the base around the component.
  • It controls the overall orientation and scaling of the component.
  • It controls the color arrangement as well.
  • Frame work or pattern of printing is also controlled by Cube Pro.
  • Cube pro file is transferred into the 3d printer with the help of USB drive.
  • Print command is given.
  • Printer takes 2:36 hrs to make the component.
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Finished Product-

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