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A TATA Safari SUV was handed over to the Mechanical students by the Institute, which was completely disassembled; the students systematically opened the whole body including the seats. Only chassis with engine and transmission system were left untouched. All the electrical wirings were diagramed and then removed. It was a very exciting practical and the students learned about the following subsystem of the car-

  1. Exterior body manufacturing, styling & mounting
  2. Air-conditioning system
  3. Breaking system
  4. Power steering system
  5. Transmission system
  6. Suspension system
  7. Fuel tank and supply system
  8. Electrical system
  9. Miscellaneous subsystems like dashboard , seat belt etc

After opening of the car students were able to study various detail of each subsystem and how they were operating in conjunction with other systems.

The engine block and gearbox was partially cut open to provide windows in the engine block, steering, transmission etc. Finally, the engine, transmission, steering and chassis were re-assembled and an external power source was provided to run the engine, giving a never before insight into the live working of car components and internal mechanism of engine, gearbox, steering and transmission.

While in running condition, the viewer can observe the motion of the engine, its piston, crack shaft, connecting rod, cam etc. Gear can also be changed and its effect can be seen on the output shaft or rear wheel.

This model serves as a live demonstration for the mechanical engineering students or students who want to be mechanical engineers.