Library Commitee


A. To establish a world-class library with cutting-edge facilities and books by renowned authors in various academic subjects, with a focus on digital technology and accessibility for students and other users.

B. To give pupils access to information that will encourage their acquisition of factual knowledge, literary appreciation, artistic ideals, and ethical standards.

C. To offer academic institutions resources for research-focused material, papers, and journals.

D. To choose, assess, and purchase library resources in a range of media in order to meet and address the needs of our diverse community.

E. To update the faculty members on the most recent developments in their specialized fields.

F. To assist in advancing research throughout the Institute’s numerous departments.

G. It offers wholesome


A. The committee will encourage library employees to use cutting-edge tools and software for efficient operation and administration of the library.

B. By working together with the R&D committee to bring the most recent journal articles and research papers

C. To regularly host workshops and seminars on cutting-edge trends and technology, with a particular emphasis on library innovation.

D. By building cutting-edge infrastructure.

E. By emphasizing the digitization of libraries and advancing digital policies through access to Delnet and the national digital library site.

F. To encourage faculty members and students to have access to SCOPUS and SCI-indexed journals.

S. No. Name Designation / Department Role
1 Mrs. Vandana Pathak Professor [IT] Convener
2 Dr. Pushpendra Singh Librarian [LIB] Co-Convener
3 Mrs. Anika Bisht Asst. Professor [DIP.CS] Member
4 Mr. Ankur Sharma Asst. Professor [DIP.EE] Member
5 Mr. Hemchandra Mishra Asst. Professor [DIP.ME] Member
6 Mr. Om Prakash Asst. Professor [MBA] Member
7 Mr. Prabha Shanker Dixit Asst. Professor [AS] Member
8 Mr. Prabhakant Mishra Asst. Professor [DIP.CE] Member
9 Mr. Varun Pratap Singh Asst. Professor [EC] Member
10 Mrs. Versha Verma Asst. Professor [IT] Member