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KiRaiPe would like to offer an internship program or Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) for MBA students 2019-2020 Batch.

KiRaiPe has the pleasure of having many students from all over Lucknow and NCR as interns (AVATARs).

KiRaiPe is Startup Company that has been in operation for 2 successful years. KiRaiPe is one stop destination for all the students who wishes or desires the Products they cannot easily avail of in their college life. It basically connects a student with a student. is a money circle i.e. a student earns by providing their products online and can utilize the same amount by renting the product they are in need of!

It is an excellent opportunity to gain and improve your experience in working with fastest growing Lucknow based startup. The internship program or Campus Ambassador Program (CAP) is intended mainly for students of management, marketing, operation, HR, administration, and financial education university departments as well as for those who are planning to work closely with young team and start a startup company in the future.

Internship participants are offered:

  •  Rich Knowledge of working in startup company
  •  Dealing with different minds of people
  •  Become a leader of a big organization
  •  Develop result oriented strategies of marketing
  •  Represent a whole college in PAN India
  •  Learning how to set company’s financial goals
  •  Rehearsal before actual jumping into cooperate world
  •  Learn how to work as a leader as well as peon in an organization
  •  Learning sales, marketing and operation
  •  Speaking or influencing to the audience
  •  Earning through per tasks
  •  Handling big name and fame with personal growth

Detailed programme of the training period and trainee’s (AVATARs) tasks:

  • The main role of the AVATARs is to develop a consumer preference of KiRaiPe.
  • They are required to give complete information about the KiRaiPe’s service & product to the customers and thereby, produce increased revenue for the organization.
  • Need to be involved in regular branding projects and take up high earning.
  • They have to be in direct communication with the customers where they mostly talk about the products and services offered by KiRaiPe.
  • Responsible for representing the KiRaiPe at the time of celebration events, trade displays, exhibitions, and other promotional events. Their primarily function as spokespersons for KiRaiPe.
  • Direct and control the work and resources of the KiRaiPe.
  • Prepare monthly as well as quarterly plan (including targets) and monitor progress against these plans to ensure that the college team attains its objectives as costeffectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Establish and maintain effective formal and informal links with major customers, relevant faculty members & college staff to exchange information and to ensure that the KiRaiPe is providing the appropriate range and quality of services.
  • Develop and maintain research and development programmes to ensure that the KiRaiPe remains at the forefront.
  • Develop and maintain an effective marketing and public relations strategy to promote the products, services and image of the company in the wider community.
  • Represent the company in negotiations with customers, suppliers, government departments and other key contacts to secure for it the most effective contract terms.