Innovations and Best Practices in Teaching Learning

Teaching and learning innovative practices are introduced to raise the curiosity of a student .

Following are the best and innovative practices undertaken by the faculty members for improving teaching and learning experience.

Sr.No. Best Practices Goals Context
1 Power Point Presentations

To enhance the overall comprehension of students and allow teachers to present their lessons in a more dynamic way.


1 It provides the ability to equip presentations with different types of media – including images, sounds, animations, and much more.


2 This enhances the students’ abilities to retain what is being taught, especially to those who are visual learners.


3  Teachers can focus on the class and interact with the students instead of writing on a board, because the text and the entire presentation are already there in the form of a PowerPoint file.


Student Seminars


The overall objective of this activity is to motivate students for self Study and Group Study.

Ø This best practice enhances the Listening ability.

➢Leadership quality is build up among students.

➢ Team building of students grows as

they work in a Team.

➢ The communication enhances through Oral Communication in seminars.

➢ Student takes responsibility while working in a team.

➢ Sharing of Knowledge uplifts while preparing.

➢ Students learn Time Management skill.

➢ Students learn to deal with conflicting opinions.

➢ For delivering seminars students prepare, produce and use visual aids for presentation.


Industrial Visits


To provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies and industries.

➢ Industrial visit is considered as one of the tactical method.

➢ The main reason behind this is to help the student to know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices.

➢ It also provides a good opportunity to the students to gain awareness about industrial practices.

➢ Through industrial visit students get awareness about new technologies


YouTube Lectures


To enable students to be involved in a video production, as part of an online group assignment, will help them not only to ensure that they can use the important information, they have learned. It also develops and enhances the visual literacy and creativity of the students.



Ø It can be used to create an eLearning community.

Ø It generates and promotes online discussion.

Ø It is ideal for mobile learning.

Ø It initiates micro learning.

Ø It encourages the development of note-taking skills.

Ø It enhances comprehension of complex concepts.



DS Video Content Server


To provide online study material to the students round the clock.


Ø It helps in learning from IIT lectures.

Provides the notes in the PPT and PDF.

Ø It provide the NPTEL lecture videos to the students.


All Branch content server:

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Major/Mini Projects


To expand technical

Understandings through development in terms of software solutions and hardware implementation for industrial/societal problems.

Ø  Create opportunities to explore

theory, to research and present a pilot project with a possibility of

further development, to test a technical insight, to apply intellectual learning, or to challenge skills as well as understandings

within a particular field.


Communication Skills


To enhance the presentation and speaking skills in group discussion as well as in interview faced by the students. Ø To understand the process of communication and its effect on giving and receiving information.

Content Beyond Syllabus


To meet-out current Industry demand and fill the gap. Ø Develop Course Content for the Courses which fills curriculum gap.
9 Virtual Lab Exposure of Programming & Lab practices Ø  The  impact of the virtual lab on the hands-on lab learning outcomes,

NPTEL Lectures


To promote self learning and to share knowledge among students Ø Exposure of Videos  and PPTs of lectures of Eminent Resource Person to the students.



To provide better job opportunities Ø Using regular assessment test to meet job challenges on national level

GATE Classes


To satisfy the requirement of higher studies and public sector job opportunities. Ø Regular sessions to prepare students by external agencies

Interdisciplinary Lectures


To aware students with latest relevant technologies in different engineering fields. Ø Conducted regular sessions from resource persons of different streams

Take up Projects


To prepare student to develop live projects with their own. Ø With the help of trainers student group prepare project proposal and apply to funding agency.
15. Spoken Tutorial Process of active learning method which improves understanding. To learn and use open source software An audio video resource that teaches open source software Platform to share topic /script
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