We welcome all faculty and staff members at Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology and wish a long run success.

 At our Institute, we believe that each faculty contributes directly to the growth and success of the Organization, and hope they will take pride as being a member of our team.

 This hand book is developed to describe some of the expectations of our faculty and to outline the policies, programs and benefits available to the eligible faculty. Faculty should become familiar with the contents of HR policies and it will answer many questions about the employment with AIMT.

 We believe that professional relationships are easier when all faculty are aware of the culture and values of the organization. This guide will help all faculty to better understand our vision & mission for the future Academic challenges that are ahead for the growth of organization.

We hope that experience of all faculty will be challenging, on job learning, enjoyable and rewarding.

With Best Wishes,

HR Manager


    • Recruitment procedure for Faculty
    • Flow Chart for Recruitment
    • Service rules for faculty
    • Retirement policy
    • Promotion policy
    • Incentives and rewards
    • Salary structure
    • Benefits extended to faculty
  • LEAVE RULES (11-14)
    • Casual leave (CL)
    • Medical leave (ML)
    • Half medical leave (HDML)
    • Earn leave (EL)
    • Compensatory off or comp off (CO)
    • Semester leave (SML)
    • Duty leave (DL)
    • On Duty leave (OD)
    • Short leave (SL)
    • Maternity leave
    • Medical leave special case
    • Leave for higher studies
    • Leave without pay
    • Number of leave for faculty
  • EXIT POLICY (18)
  • Faculty Performance Appraisal Process
  • Criteria used for the faculty performance appraisal
    • Leave rule for the Staff




 To nourish the students, blossom them into tomorrow’s world class professionals and good human beings by inculcating the qualities of sincerity, integrity and social ethics.


  1. To provide the finest infra-structure and excellent environment for the academic growth of the students & to bridge the gap between academia and the demand of
  2. To expose students in various co- curricular activities to convert them into skilled
  3. To grind very enthusiastic engineering and management student to transform him into hard working, committed, having zeal to excel, keeping the values of devotion, concern and
  4. To involve the students in extracurricular activities to make them responsible



Warm welcome to Ambalika Group of Institution and appreciate you to take up teaching as a mission. I assure you that you will have an enriching experience at Ambalika Group of Institution. We believe in strong emphasis on personality development and no compromise on the quality and code of ethics. The institution is committed to foster the pursuit of excellence in academic, cultural, social and physical activities. Ambalika Group of Institution provides an ideal atmosphere where one can learn, observe, introspect and contemplate. Keeping in view the institution- industry interaction for major placement objective, significant emphasis is laid on presentation skills, technical trainings such as in robotics, CNC, AUTO CAD, 3D printing etc, seminars, workshops, industrial visits and projects.

It is the duty of a teacher to draw out best from his / her Students through a benevolent rapport. He has to be not just fulfilling the traditional role, but has to be a mentor / guide to every single student. Winning the confidence of a student is precious asset that a teacher will do well to acquire,

Although I have addressed this letter mainly to the teaching faculty, the ideas and thoughts mentioned therein, also hold good for non-teaching staff as well, in their own sphere of activity, where new ideas, new ways of doing things, innovations and improvements are of paramount importance.

On behalf of Ambalika Group of Institution, I thank you for having a trust in us and we commit you to give our best to make your dreams come true.





  1. HR collects the manpower requirement from respective
  2. On the basis of approval of posts HR manager will give the advertisement in following ways: –
    1. Advertisement in the
    2. Advertisement through
  • Advertisement through other sources like Facebook, WhatsApp
  1. After receiving the application for respective post shortlisted candidates are called for the
  2. The selection committee is constituted as per AICTE norms and its recommends the candidates for the
  3. On the basis of approval of secretary of the Institute, the Director General issues the offer /appointment
  4. Qualification for the selection of faculty is as per the guidelines of AICTE/State Govt. /Affiliating



Approval of Requirements


Compilation of Resumes


Approval of Panel of Experts for Selection Committees


Conduction of Interviews


HR Negotiation

Candidate reporting and issue of Appointment Letter 

Personal File


Reporting to Departmental Head 

  1. Faculty shall attend all the departmental and institutional functions and carry out responsibilities assigned by employing best of his skills and attention.
  2. Faculty shall maintain a respectable work conduct in terms of:
    1. Preparation for the particular day’s classes, with latest information added to earlier course
    2. Keeping all teaching aid material required for conducting the class in an orderly
  • Going according to session plan for the day and completing the syllabus for the semester without any
  1. Following up assignments and tests given to students, evaluating in time and giving feedback to the
  2. Obtaining prior sanction for leave of absence and forewarning the students of such absence as a measure of
  3. Faculty finding a student committing any act of misconduct in the class or in the premises shall immediately take appropriate action, which shall be taking correctional action if it is within his/her power, or reporting the matter to the HOD.


  1. Not to affiliate with any political organization, this might cause conflict of interest with the duties of a faculty and the reputation of the Institution.


  1. Faculty shall not engage himself in any other activities/ businesses, which affect his effective contribution in the Department and the Institute.
  2. Faculty shall not receive gifts of any kind from the students or their parents for any


  1. Faculty will be entitled to avail the leave as per Leave Policy of the Institute
  2. Faculty shall observe good personal conduct in terms of:
  3. Not using any abusive language towards students, fellow Faculty members, parents and other members of
  4. Not entering into quarrels, fights or any act of disrespectable
  • Not engaging any activity of business inside the Institute premises, including money lending, canvassing for the sale of any articles or distribution of any


  1. Any Faculty who violating any rules of conduct, will be subjected to appropriate disciplinary action by the Director General /
  2. The faculty will be provided with the booklet containing service
  3. Faculty may leave the Institute as per Exit Policy of the


  1. All faculties shall retire as per AICTE/State /Affiliating University norms.
  2. The Institute will communicate in writing before 6 months of retirement, as a measure of assistance to the retiring
  3. If the retiring faculty has accumulation of annual leave to his/her credit, the same can be availed in the period preceding his/her retirement by making application to the Dean, who will forward the application to Director and Director General for need
  4. The age of superannuation as mentioned above shall not be applicable to the Professors of Emeritus and Special Category



All promotions shall be considered as per AICTE policy.

  1. Faculty based on their performance (in the field of academics/teaching/R&D etc), contribution and years of service at the Institution. Department-wise, BEST FACULTY award is felicitated / honored as per policy of the management.
    1. Pay scales
      1. Pay scales are to be given to faculty as per AICTE/State /Affiliating University norms and terms & conditions of services as per our society rules. The amendments by the Government from time to time shall be followed after the approval by the Governing Body.
    2. Dearness allowance & Other allowances
      1. In addition to the basic pay, a monthly dearness allowance shall be extended to faculty as per society
      2. Management can also decide other allowances for additional


  1. Provident Fund (EPF).
  2. Free Transport (Special cases).
  3. Sons/Daughters of faculty and other employees are given preference in admission and
  4. R & D




  • Casual Leave (CL) is granted for certain unforeseen situation or where a faculty requires one or more days leave to attend to personal
  • Casual Leave (CL) / Half day Casual Leave (HDCL) is applied
  • Post-Application permitted (apply for within 3 days from date of rejoining).
  • Pre-Application also permitted
  • Entitlement to the leave is allowed after completion of one month
  • Casual leave can comprise of 1 full day or half day up to 4 hours (HDCL, Half Day casual leave).
  • In an academic year, it can be 24 halves in a year or 12
  • CL can be accumulated within an academic year but they are no carry-forwards to the next academic
  • There are no Casual Leave
  • CL is not operative during specific period g. Admission, exam etc.
  • At the closing day of academic year any unused Casual Leaves will lapse


  • Medical leave is the leave that a faculty can avail when he is out of work due to
  • Medical leave (ML) is applied
  • Post application is (Apply for within 3 days from date of rejoining).
  • Pre-application is also
  • Entitlement to the leave is allowed after completion of one month
  • Medical leave entails only one full day of
  • In an academic year 12 days is granted for medical leave.
  • ML can be accumulated up to 180
  • There is no medical leave
  • Medical leave can be availed at any
  • ML will be granted on production of medical certificate (if exceeding 2 days) from a registered


  • One ½ day sick leave permitted in one
  • It cannot be carry forward to the next semester.
  • Earn leave is provided, for a planned long leave for the purpose of travel, vacation
  • Earn leave (EL) is applied
  • Pre-application is
  • To be applied minimum 3 days in advance
  • Entitlement to the leave is allowed after completion of a
  • Earn leave entails only one full day of
  • In an academic year 12 days is granted for earn
  • EL can be accumulated up to 48 days.
  • Post 48 days of EL accumulation, spill over will be enchased.
  • Earn leave cannot be availed during October, November, March, April.
  • EL requires prior sanction otherwise EL will be marked as


  • Comp off or compensatory leave is the time off received by a faculty who worked on off
  • Comp off credit only on the recommendation of the Head of the Department duly approved by the appropriate
  • Comp off has to be availed as per approved hours e. 7 Hrs = 1 CO.
  • No encashment of
  • No annual accumulation of
  • All CO balance of a semester must be availed within first 3 months of next semester.


  • Semester Leave (SML) is applied
  • To be applied under Director General/Director’s
  • Only Pre- application will be
  • Semester leave is granted against
  • Semester leave comprises of 4/6 days of
  • The faculty is granted semester leave that is calculated as 1 day for every completed month from August to December and February to
  • Semester leave comprises of 10 days in a year, e. 5 days in each semester maximum.
  • Semester leave cannot be
  • There are no semester leave
  • Semester leave can be availed in January and
  • Faculty who joins in mid semester, the leave entitlement would be calculated pro rata g. faculty joining in September would be allotted 4 days of semester leave.


  • Duty leave is the leave given from the campus to perform duty It’s a bona- fide academic activity outside the Institute.
  • Duty leave will be granted in the following circumstances:
  • -When detailed by AKTU for taking practical examination or for examination copy valuation at center decided by the
  • -Detailed by AIMT for taking practical examination at any Institute or for copy valuation at center decided by
  • Only Pre-application
  • There is No Duty Leave
  • Duty leave can be entrusted at any
  • Duty leave requires prior approval otherwise marked as absent. Note: A Duty Leave is inclusive of a faculty on leave for Paper presentation/conferences/seminars/summer schools/FDPs


  • On Duty Leave is applied by the faculty when the faculty has to leave the campus for some official
  • On Duty Leave is applied on paper and requires the permission of the Director General/Director.
  • Pre-application and post-application may be
  • OD leave requires approval otherwise marked as


  • Short leave is the leave that the faculty can avail to complete some personal task or
  • If the faculty reports after 9:45 m. then he will be treated as on Short Leave.
  • Short Leave (SL) is applied on
  • Post application will be permitted (apply for within 3 days from date of leave).
  • Pre-application is also
  • SH is granted from the day of
  • SH comprises of 2 hours of
  • The faculty is granted 2 short leave per
  • SH is calculated on a monthly
  • SH cannot be
  • There are No SL encashment



The leave may be granted to female faculty subject to the following conditions:

  • Faculty should have completed the minimum of three years of satisfactory
  • The maternity leave is limited to a maximum of 3 months
  • Faculty should give an undertaking that they will work for two years after rejoining the duty and forego the vacation to the extent of 0 days (at 30 days per year) in the succeeding summer vacation



For treatment and hospitalization of serious illness like Tb, Cancer, Leprosy, Heart Surgery, kidney transplantation or retina transplantation etc., the medical will be decided on the merit of individual case by Director General/Director as per approval of secretary of the Institute.



Leave is granted as per the University rules and AICTE/UGC criteria on case to case basis depending upon the quality of Institute where member of the faculty wishes to purse higher studies.


A faculty may be allowed leave without pay for academic pursuits and in case the faculty has no leave on his/her credit.













Short Leave (SH) 24 2 Post application/Pre Application Permitted
Casual Leave (CL) / Half day casual leave (HDCL) 12 CL / 24 HDCL 1 CL / 2 HDCL Post Application/Pre Application Permitted
Medical Leave (ML) 12 AS and When required Post Application/Pre Application Permitted
Sick leave (1/2 day ) 2 1 Post Application/Pre Application Permitted
Earn Leave (EL) 12 1 Only Pre Application
Compensatory Leave (Comp off) Leave granted against credit Only Pre Application
Semester Leave 10 5 per


Only Pre Application
Duty Leave (DL)(only for Teaching staff) As per the Institute order Only Pre Application
On Duty (OD) As per the Demand Post Application/Pre

Application Permitted

Leave without pay (LWP) Used when no leave available. Post Application /Pre Application Permitted


IMPORTANT: Post application leave has to be applied within 3 days of the ‘applied date of leave’ or will be

marked as absent.



  1. Restricted Holiday (RH) is given to faculty as per the University
  2. Short leave do not include lunch time.
  3. Leaves shall not be approved on the basis of
  4. In case of sudden information of OD (for long duration) HOD needs to fill the form on behalf of faculty under
  5. Faculty shall make arrangement for their classes or work responsible before proceeding on
  6. Signing in the register at incoming time (9.30 am) & outgoing time (4:30 pm) is mandatory for attendance purpose, even in case of Short Leave, OD &
  7. Leave on days of special events in the institute (e.g. Job Fair, 26 Jan & 15 Aug) shall not be
  8. At least 15 Days presence of a faculty in a month (except for new joining) is required for Release of salary. However, Management discussion shall be held before holding up salary of a person, only after that it shall be sent for approval of Chief Executive Officer.
  9. In any month 15 days presence shall be necessary to generate leaves for succeeding month and for calculation purposes of present days, Sundays, Holidays, OD, Duty leave, Short leave, and semester leave shall be considered in present days.
  10. Heads & HODs to ensure that “Movement Slip” & “OD Slip” must be filled up & approved by concerned authority; otherwise it will be considered as



It is mandatory to submit all the following documents (photocopy)

  • Copies of certificates/ degrees and marks sheets of High School, Intermediate, graduation and of higher degrees
  • Copies of Experience certificates and all other weightages claimed.
  • Copy of Aadhar card
  • Latest Passport size photos – 2

New faculty is welcomed and introduced to all authorities and also introduced to the student in the orientation programme.


An Identity card will be issued to the new faculty in fifteen days after completing all the formalities. Wearing I Card is mandatory in the campus and on his official visits to a place.


At the time of joining, HR provides an official Email id (your name@ambalika.co.in) with the password for official communication with in or out of organization. In case, any faculty faces any issue regarding their email then they may contact to the HR office for the same.


HR or HOD will help the new faculty with his/her work station.


New faculty will open an account in the Institute’s Bank for the transfer of salary purpose. The faculty is required to share his/ her bank account details within 15 days after joining the campus. For opening of salary account in the bank, a bona-fide certificate is provided by the Registrar.. If he/she already has an account in any branch of Institute’s bank, may submit copy of passbook or latest bank statement


For mobile Sim, it will be as per requirement and Management decision. Transport, Mess and Hostel facility on may or may not be chargeable basis as per discussed while salary negotiations. There will be mandatory deductions such as EPF and ESI, if app


Key Responsibilities (KRA) is handed over at the time of joining along with the docket. The KRAs are subject to change depending on postings and contingencies of work at the sole discretion of the management.


The standard working hours at the Institute are 9:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Saturday, subject to change at the discretion of the management to meet any exigency. It is expected that the faculty will be present in case any special duty is assigned or the campus is open beyond the specified time.


In case of any problem, the faculty may follow the following channel for communication.


Faculty                       HOD                Dean                   Director               Director General


Each faculty must maintain a course dairy for each subject offered during the semester/Year. A faculty should prepare a lesson plan and notes at least 15 days before the commencement of the classes, failing which HODs should not assign him/her the class work.

  • Vision and Mission of the Institute.
  • Vision and Mission of the Department.
  • Course outcomes (CO’S)
  • Program outcomes (PO’S)
  • Mapping of CO’S and PO’S
  • Syllabus
  • Academic Calendar
  • Lecture Plan
  • Lecture Notes for each course
  • Date and Time of Preparation
  • Date and Time of Delivery


The objective of Exit Policy is to ensure smooth separation or depart of the Faculty.


  1. Resignation: Any faculty who is intending to get relieved from the services in between the Service period shall tender his/her resignation in advance e. One month. Resignations shall be routed through the immediate supervisor/manager to HR.
  2. Abscond: In case, any faculty has left or is on long leave without any information to the HOD / HR then he / she will be marked as Abscond. No salary or experience letter will be issued for faculty with absconding
  3. Termination: Termination of services of regular faculty is made on the grounds of any Disciplinary Action(s) or on the basis of performance.

2.     NO DUES

Any faculty who tenders his/her resignation will be on a notice period as per the agreed employment terms i.e. one month. During that tenure it’s the moral responsibility of such faculty to hand over his / her possessions and properties belonging (Pen Drive / Documents) to the assigned HOD before relieved from his/her services. He / She will be required to submit their I-Cards, SIM to the HR department.


The faculty who has submitted the Resignation shall attend the Exit Interview to share his or her opinions and views about his / her experience with HR. In case of Separation owing to Termination NO Exit Interview is conducted


Each faculty is given an orientation booklet containing all the rules, regulations and code of ethics.


  • The primary objective of the in the academic system is the development of the potential of the students and their professional growth.
  • Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology will provide the necessary freedom to teach and learn to fulfill its vision and will extend opportunity to all for the
  • The faculty will value dignity and work of every person, to acquire knowledge, grow professionally and commit to excellence in a democratic way to the students
  • The faculty will remain as the best example to command the respect and confidence of the students, parents, colleagues and the general public.
  • The faculty will protect the mind and body of the students from harmful conditions in the teaching learning
  • The faculty will provide right level of freedom of learning, freedom for experimentation and freedom to hold diverse views in the pursuit of engineering knowledge and skills.
  • The faculty will recognize the dignity and individual democratic rights of the students in their interactions
  • The faculty will not suppress or conceal subject matters relevant to students’ in their academic progress and develop them by counseling and mentoring to the extent possible.
  • The faculty will not use individual relationship with the students for personal gains.
  • The faculty will not encourage unjust discrimination among students in the
  • The faculty will be honest, fair and act with transparency, responsibility and integrity in academic environment in line with the Institute
  • The faculty will maintain balance between personal views and the views of the Institute and follow the Institute’s
  • The faculty will not distort educational matters for public advantage in the
  • The faculty will not accept any gift for professional judgment or evaluation of colleagues (peer evaluation).
  • The faculty will not offer any gift for personal advantage.
  • The faculty will not use any institutional resource for personal The teacher will maintain transparency, integrity with respect to institute policy, program, and practices.
  • The faculty will maintain honesty, fairness, equity and integrity in all professional association and
  • The faculty will not interfere in any way, in the rights and privilege of the professional colleagues
  • The faculty will not indulge in unfair evaluation of individual’s or institutions performance in official evaluations
  • The faculty will not crack any slanderous, or malicious and offensive remarks about professional
  • The faculty will not offer any special treatment to influence professional
  • The faculty will not use fraudulent information for getting professional
  • The faculty will not communicate misinformation about the position occupied.
  • The faculty will not plagiarize and must recognize, acknowledge the academic work of


If any faculty who observes an unethical or improper practice in the campus (not necessarily a violation of law) may approach directly to The Director General or The Director without necessarily informing their supervisors.


The faculty submits a semester wise report on his/her academic activities and published or in-progress research. In addition faculty performance is also independently evaluated by the concerned Head of Department, Dean, Convener R&D Cell and Asst. Director (Admin). These evolution reports are sent to HR department which finally compiles these reports.HR department sends the compiled report to the Director

The criteria for the Semester wise Appraisal of the faculty performance, is based on the Institution’s mission and on the Responsibilities and Roles (R&R) of the faculty which serves the following six parameters:

  • Faculty involvement in Student’s Result
  • Administrative and Organizational Activities
  • Self-Assessment


Students are the main focus of the Institutes pedagogical process and in the interest of transparency, students’ evaluation of faculty performance is a fundamental element of the appraisal process.

Furthermore, conducting research and engaging in studies is among the core functions of a faculty. This appraisal process reflects and governs the faculty’s degree of commitment to his/her designated responsibilities. The following are the core aspects.

  • First the planning from the beginning of the semester, based on the overall priorities of the Institute and the University and on the goals of the
  • Second the implementation phase during the semester reaching to the stage of students’ evaluation of faculty performance in teaching their courses during that particular semester (Odd & Even).
  • Third the utilization of the feedback received which shall contribute to the enhancement of faculty performance development plan, which would result in the improvement and sustainability of his/her performance and simultaneously accelerate the development of the Institute’s performance.


These steps will also ease the process of obtaining data to help the performance level of the Institute. Therefore, the faculty performance evaluation form shall include the following:

  1. Personal information of the
  2. Courses taught by the faculty during the academic
  3. Research activities (papers in scientific journals, books, arbitration, supervising theses, ) carried out during the academic year.
  4. Co – curricular activities (conferences, seminars, workshops, training courses, etc.) in which he/she has
  5. Students’ evaluation of all the faculty in Odd and Even semesters.
  6. Head of the Departments, Dean, Convener R&D Cell and Asst.Director (Admin).’S performance

The attached form should be used with any documents that provide evidence on the areas covered in the form which must be verified by the HR Department.


The overall evaluation gives the faculty member a collective mark out of 600which is divided into the following sections


1)                                 FACULTY INVOLVEMENT IN DEVELOPING SOFT NOTES                                               (30 MARKS)

  1. Soft Notes
  2. Assignments
  3. Test/Question Papers
  • Seminar/Workshop/FDP/ STP/Workshop/Conference Conducted (10 Marks)
  • Entry of Examination Marks (10 Marks)

4)                                 MAINTENANCE OF STUDENT ATTENDANCE, LEAVE RECORD                                      (10 MARKS)

  • Performance of Faculty as a Class Coordinator (10 Marks)
  • Class Management Record (50Marks)
    1. Class engaged during leave
    2. Punctuality
    3. Teaching Methodology
    4. Completion of Syllabus
    5. Handling Student Query and Grievance
7)                                   CONTENT DEVELOPMENT BEYOND SYLLABUS                                                           (10 MARKS)
8)                                   ONLINE  CERTIFICATIONS (NPTEL ETC.)(5MARKS FOR EACH CERTIFICATION )           (10 MARKS)
9)                                   FEEDBACK OF STUDENTS                                                                                                 (10 MARKS)
(>90% =10MARKS,75-90% =5MARKS ,50-75%=2.5MARKS, <50%=0MARKS)


  • 10% Above University Average (200 Marks)
  • 05% Above University Average (150 Marks)
  • Equal to University Average (100 Marks)
  • 05% below University Average(50 Marks)
  • 10% below University Average(0 Marks)
  • Research & Scientific Development Activities – (Evaluation by R&D Committee) (70Mark )

Maximum 10 marks on  each parameters mentioned below

  1. International Conference (5marks)/ National Conference(2.5marks) attended
  2. International Journal (SCI-10 M, Scopus -5 M, UGC or Refereed -2.5M)/ National Journal (2.5M)International Journal
  3. Book Publications (International -10M, National -5M)/ Book chapter (International-5 M, National 2.5M)
  4. Seminar/Workshop /FDP/ STP/ Workshop/Conference attended
  5. Patent Granted (International-10M, National -5M)/Consultancy (10M-more than 1Lakh, 5M-more than 50K, less than -50K -2.5M)
  6. Project (2M), M Tech(5M), PhD (10M) Guided
  7. Member of Refereed journal ( International -5M, National 2M)
12)                           ADMINISTRATIVE AND ORGANIZATIONAL ACTIVITIES                                                             (80MARKS)

Maximum 10 marks on  each parameters mentioned below

  1. a) Involvement with Examination Cell – (COE)
  2. b) Participation In co-curricular activities – (Evaluation by HOD)
  3. c) Floor co-ordination (Evaluation by Asst. Director – admin)
  4. d) Maintaining Discipline in class (Evaluation by Asst. Director – admin)
  5. e) Participation in Extracurricular Activities (Evaluation by Admin Coordinator)
  6. f) Involvement with Academic cell (Evaluation by Dean Academics)
  7. f) Involvement with Accounts cell (Evaluation by Asst. Director)
  8. g) Involvement With various committees (Evaluation by Admin Co-coordinator)


  • Personal Characteristics– (Evaluation by HOD) (100 Marks)

Maximum 10 marks on each parameters mentioned below

  1. Behavior/ Interpersonal skills
  2. Initiative and leadership
  3. participation in various activities
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Self-Motivation
  6. Attendance Percentage
  7. Writing Skills
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. KRA Handling
  10. Co-ordination

14)                             SELF-ASSESSMENT

Note: Please use the faculty performance appraisal form in Appendix


The policies, recruitment procedure and service rules for the staff, are generally the same as that of faculty.

In recruitment of staff, a selection committee is constituted by the Director General, which recommends the candidates for appointments. HR department after its negotiations sends the recommendations to the management.

On the basis of approval of secretary of the Institute, the Director General issues the offer / appointment letter.

The staff is welcomed and introduced like faculty to all authorities and heads of the departments.


Leave rules for the staff are same as for the faculty except that earn leave is not given to staff.


  • To monitor all Academic and R & D related
  • To monitor all administrative work, related to
  • To monitor all training
  • To monitor all co curricular and extracurricular
  • To monitor Placement
  • To monitor faculty and students
  • To ensure general discipline of the
  • To ensure the growth of the Institute in
  • Monitoring of Store & Construction related activities.
  • Responsible for the correspondence through Registrar and
  • To chair various meetings /seminars of the Institute.


  • To monitor all Academic and R & D related activities
  • To monitor all administrative work, related to
  • To monitor all training
  • To monitor all co curricular and extracurricular
  • To monitor Placement
  • To monitor faculty and students
  • To ensure general discipline of the
  • To ensure the growth of the Institute in


  • To report and make recommendations to the Director wherever
  • To assist in any other area as required by Director, AIMT
  • To frame the Girls hostel discipline related policy and its
  • To supervise admission process and look after other allied works related to admissions.
  • To finalize admission lists and other admission related
  • To mentor the strategic academic direction in department of Business Administration of the institute
  • To dispose the responsibilities of department of Business Administration as head & Other allied works related to these departments.
  • To dispose the responsibilities as head of Training & Placements & Other allied works related to these departments.
  • To work as head Marketing, Promotion and social media platforms.


  • To promote and encourage staff development among the staff in the College, including classroom assistants, canteen staff and playground duty staff, in relation to discipline and behavior.
  • To report and make recommendations to the Director wherever
  • To supervise and control the management of the security persons through specified channels.
  • To supervise and support the HODS and staff with respect to their responsibilities in relation to discipline and student behavior;
  • To support in establishment of a consultative process for ascertaining the views of the HODS, Faculties and students and parents in matters relating to discipline and student behavior;
  • To ensure that the behavior and anti-bullying policies are implemented and reviewed;
  • To review and control the development of strategies designed to promote and encourage good student behavior
  • To monitor daily reports related to students uniform, late comers, hostel students bunking, floor reports and Students leave
  • Management and supervision of creation and implementation of the suspension and expulsion policies and procedures;
  • To ensure the proper security of the
  • To supervise and ensure the legal requirements, related to student’s discipline such as suspension and
  • To supervise deposition of student fee well in
  • To monitor fee balance and deposition


  • To ensure that all the faculty members use modern facilities of education i.e. NPTEL lecture, virtual lab
  • To analysis the requirement & finalizing in consultation with concerned HODs &
  • To assign different duties e. lecture plan, assignment, tutorial sheets, etc to the HOD’s.
  • To plan, execution monitoring, analysis & decision making all the academic activities of the institute and work as a bridge between HODs &
  • To ensure the maintenance of details of students in all the departments on the basis of class test and semester exams – a profile of each student be maintained by concerned department
  • To get prepared the examination paper well in time from all faculty members and to ensure that semester examination is run systematically.
  • To ensure that all the departments conduct their labs and project labs in appropriate
  • To ensure that all the faculty member prepare course file and submit soft and hard copies of their notes.
  • To ensure that all the faculty members check their examination copies after completion of their subject paper.
  • To ensure that all the faculty members conduct quiz, test etc. on regular
  • To ensure that all the faculty members conduct their classes on regular basis and make arrangement if syllabus of any faculty member is
  • To ensure that all the faculty members get motivated & formally dressed with their I-D cards take appropriate action for the
  • To ensure that all the faculty members participate in R & D activities.
  • To ensure that all the students follow minimum attendance criteria & to take corrective action e. by consulting/ by talking to parents etc. & forming his recommendation for detention of students from appearing in examination.
  • To analyse the students results on regular basis (Subject wise) & make comparative charts and forward his recommendation to Dir.
  • To arrange the bridge classes of odd semester for first year student and practical classes for 2nd year onwards.
  • Implementation of recommendations of R&D committee & inculcate R&D temperament among the students.
  • Planning of time table of classes & labs with HODs.
  • Preparation of Orientation of first year students well on
  • To provide faculty feedback, analyse & recommend for necessary
  • R & D habit is inculcated in students by arranging Seminars, Conferences, model presentation
  • To do subject allocation with the concerned of respective HODs & result
  • To maintain proper MIS of each and every activity mentioned above.
  • To make list of topper students and motivate them for better performance.
  • To prepare academic calendar of the institute and close monitoring of the work according to
  • To take regular feedback of faculty members from students and take corrective action for welfare of


  • To assist the
  • Shall simultaneously look after academic works of diploma courses of the institute.


  • Shall head the diploma wing of AIMT and also report to Director for all the academic, administrative and financial matters of diploma courses of the institute.
  • Shall be a link in between the BTE and Institute.


  • Execute academic test / work with the consultation of Dean
  • To Co-ordinate with Proctor for taking Disciplinary action against the students found guilty during the
  • To conduct all the examination as per Academic schedule and do the analysis of seasonal marks and find the weak students and make action plan for their betterment with the concern of
  • To maintain record of appearing Students and send their copies to respective departments well in time.
  • To prepare Duty chart, Examination schedule on regular basis.
  • To ensure that all the faculty members deposited their checked copies after the commencement of
  • To ensure that all the Students follow all the decorum of the
  • To follow all the Instructions given by Dean/Mgmt.
  • To preserve all the copies of the examination & maintain records.


  • To assist the Exam controller.
  • Shall simultaneously look after the examination work of diploma courses of the institute


  • To maintain overall discipline of the
  • To ensure that all the Hostel students should follow rules and regulations related to mess assembly and other Hostel
  • To maintain record of complaints coming from HODs and other departments regarding student’s
  • To make surprise checks in Hostel along with the Hostel in
  • To visit the Hostel twice in a week and check Hostel rooms & Mess facilities.
  • To Check the Uniform (Shoes, Tie, I-card.), Mobile, Class bunking reports and Software uploading of all incidences (decision finalized) within 15
  • Preparation of list of notorious students, monthly Suspension & revoking
  • To monitor the functioning of cameras.
  • To ensure no Ragging activity to take place in the
  • To ensure that all the action related to discipline should be finished within time and proper information should be given to Asst. Director.
  • To ensure that all the students should come in time and in neat & clean dress.
  • To ensure that no mobile should be used in Institute premises by
  • To conduct the pretrial board meeting and attending hostel


  • To assist the Head of institution in ensuring a good professional practices, standards, quality of teaching and learning of subject’s through proper dialogue with the concern teachers, promotes a healthy process of reciprocal informal observation of class teaching practices. Need to deliver vision of Management / Institute to students through faculty &
  • To compile end semester results of the department year wise as well as section wise.
  • To coordinate with various departments – A/c, Registrar, Academic Cell, Examination Cell, R&D, Dean, PDP, Placement ,
  • Preparation of disciplinary reports (Floor report, uniform checking report & late comer’s report) to proctor office on daily basis
  • Evaluating faculty on a regular and continuing basis in the areas of teaching, research and service with appropriate recommendations for improvement, particularly for untenured
  • Implementation of academic & activity calendar
  • To make effective use of all staffing resources and seek opportunities for collaboration and mutual working with others beyond the department and beyond the Faculty.
  • Managing the inter/intra departmental coordination, faculty arrangements, discipline within
  • Participating in any other duties assigned by the management.
  • Participating in the recruitment (via reference and conducting interviews), employment and orientation of new faculty; including demonstrating a commitment to the affirmative action goals of the institute. Ensuring timely and adequate provision of textbooks, education materials, and equipment required for the effective teaching of the subject in the department.
  • To monitor daily attendance & total strength of students.
  • To ensure a high standard of staff induction, to review staff progress and to ensure that staff are provided by / getting training and support as required.
  • Career consultation to students as per their
  • To get prepared the Class
  • To deal the students problems that are not the appropriate concerns of the
  • To monitor the results and implementation of proper methodology for improvement with the help of Planning, Organizing, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Industrial visits Extra classes and Guest Lectures as per requirement and for benefits of students and taking the feedback from the students.
  • Monitoring, analyzing & verifying the reports of the below mention categories and submitting to Academic cell for regular records:
  • Preparing & finalizing Course file & Time Table of and performing the modifications if required.
  • Proper syllabus (lecture & lab conduction) progress for timely completion of course.
  • Resource planning (Manpower, Book and other study material).
  • Responsible for faculty, staff & student leave process, grievance redressal and motivation.
  • Subject distribution among the departmental faculties and analyzing the inter-departmental help for subject allocation and load distribution.
  • The daily absentee students calling.
  • To increase academic excellence of students by their regular individual
  • To set and advance the strategic academic direction of the department with due consultation with the


  • To prepare project, its execution and to motivate students through effective training methodologies both in group and individual classroom dynamics.
  • To take appropriate steps for students who are not able to meet or maintain standards of
  • All administrative reports such as seasonal marks and analysis, monthly reports etc, to be maintained and to be shared with all the stake-holders.
  • To conduct the classes in an atmosphere that promotes caring and respect in accordance with the vision and mission of the institute.
  • To demonstrate the employability skills and preparation of teaching materials & procedures of various teaching methods.
  • To facilitate career counseling, job readiness training and other activities related to employment of the
  • To facilitate day-to-day classes to assist students in gaining knowledge and soft skills required to secure
  • To facilitate evaluation of training imparted to the students on weekly and monthly basis and submit the report to the
  • Responsible for the design, delivery and continuous improvement of training
  • To ensure that the training imparted by them is inclusive of mock job interviews/Group Discussions, resume writing, interview preparation and job counseling to the
  • To follow the prescribed curriculum/calendar of activities that are designed to develop the soft skills of the students in order to secure
  • To maintain close communication with the Placement officer, Faculty placement coordinator, Placement coordinator (Administrative) and Student Placement coordinators.
  • To maintain the profiling sheet of the students and update their status at regular This is to be shared with the recruitment team and required teams within the campus for the overall growth of the students.
  • To perform other related duties as assigned by the management.
  • To plans, organize, prepare and follow the prescribed curriculum.
  • To prepare case studies/class notes/PPTs/study materials, well in advance, to be delivered to the
  • To prepare training report for the respective
  • To provide feedback to the respective HOD for improving the quality of training
  • To define an objective measuring index (OMI) for gauging and taking mid-term corrective/improvement action based on feedback from the students. The OMI would be culled out from the detailed PDP syllabus with focus on leadership trades, effective communication, skills and audience
  • To work in close collaboration with individual departments to outline deliverables, expectations and outcomes, to include specific training needs for the


  • To analyzing the gap between Industry and Students, to identify and assess future and current training needs through job analysis, career paths, and annual
  • To attend and actively contribute to meeting related to training.
  • To conduct effective induction and orientation
  • To deploy a wide variety of training methods
  • To draw an overall or individualized training and development plan that addresses needs and
  • To maintain a keen understanding of training trends, developments and best practices
  • To manage training budget
  • To Monitor and evaluate training program’s effectiveness,
  • To provide opportunities for ongoing development
  • To resolve any specific problems and tailor programs as necessary
  • Responsible for training needs regarding Android, Dot Net,Robotics,Java, PHP, PLC,CNC, MATLAB, and CAD, CAM.
  • To work on the technical needs / help for internal use of Institute
  • To ensure regular classes, compiling of question papers and evaluation of copies.
  • Updating the promoted students in proper classes and


  • Lecture & Lab preparation and delivery as per the syllabus and its timely
  • To conduct test and to evaluate answer
  • To provide the assignments to the students.
  • To ensure the arrangement of lectures, well before taking the
  • Invigilation duty in Class test, seasonal test, Seasonal exam and end semester AKTU exam.
  • To prepare the defaulters ‘list and hand over one copy to the class coordinator, HOD so as to mail them to respective parents /guardians
  • To provide course file of the particular subject to academic cell.
  • To put efforts for individual & institute level research & development by participating in National & International Conferences / Journal posting (at least one) / book publishing.
  • To reach the scheduled class on time and not leave it before the scheduled
  • To participate in other activities such as Job fair, Conference, Tech-fest, &
  • To increase academic excellence of students by their regular individual To develop his/her academic knowledge by R&D and consulting activities and improving his/her academic qualification.
  • To maintain attendance of students & feed it in software, check the record on regular basis and inform guardians for non-performing students by calling
  • Guiding the students in final year
  • Maintaining discipline in classrooms as well as in corridor.
  • Any other duties the Director/ HOD may


  • Assist in different technical events and seminar
  • Demonstrate computer literacy, verbal/written communication skills
  • Effectively maintain lectures and report to head weekly about result analysis
  • Helping final year students in their main projects.
  • Organizing workshops to give them live environment of industry experience
  • To handle quarries, including maintenance of all relevant details of upcoming companies and maintains their questions
  • Utilize industry knowledge and student’s knowledge to develop employment strategies
  • Working on the technical needs / help for internal use of Institute.


  • To conduct the classes in an atmosphere that promotes caring and respect in accordance with the vision and mission of the institute.
  • To take appropriate steps for students who are not able to meet or maintain standards of
  • Responsible for the design, delivery and continuous improvement of training
  • To ensure that the training imparted by him/her is inclusive of mock job interviews/Group Discussions, resume writing, interview preparation and job counseling to the
  • To maintain the profiling sheet of the students and update their status at regular This is to be shared with the recruitment team and required teams within the campus for the overall growth of the students.
  • To evaluate the training imparted to the students on weekly and monthly basis and submit the report to the
  • To take care of the needs and sensitivity to culturally diverse group of students.
  • Any other duty as assigned by the HOD.
  • To perform other related duties as assigned by the management.


  • To compile Office Orders/Notices & ensure distribution/ placing of them after approval of & DG.
  • To ensure redressed of Students’ requests /grievances with AKTU/Samaj Kalyan within stipulated
  • To ensure smooth functioning of all the activities of Registrar
  • To ensure that all the legal matters are solved well in time with/ by the Legal
  • To ensure that Instructions/Orders by Institute Management are obeyed/ followed in letter &
  • To ensure updating and proper entry of Students / faculty/ staff data in the
  • AICTE compliances and affiliation process of AKTU and BTE, AKTU-Pre examination process, conduction and Post Examination process and its monitoring, resolve of Grievances related to AKTU/BTE, Monitoring of scholarship Process –MCM, PMSSS, State Govt and GATE etc.
  • Responsible for Samaj Kalyan form verification and authentication
  • To be responsible for all the activities of Registrar office.
  • To compile Office Orders/Notices & forward to Dir., then DG for signature.
  • To do all types of correspondence on behalf of the / DG & timely dispatch of outgoing letters & incoming mails/doc.
  • To ensure smooth functioning of all the activities of Registrar
  • To ensure that all the students grievances and legal matters are solved well in
  • To ensure the Secrecy of official
  • To get the no dues format filled up for every Student in case the person is leaving the Institute.
  • To monitor that “education’ mails are seen & forwarded daily to related departments/persons.
  • To monitor that” educational mails are seen & forwarded regularly to
  • To record Appointment, Termination or Resignation of the employees of the Institute as intimated by


  • To assist the deputy registrar.
  • Shall simultaneously look after all the activities of Registrar office of diploma courses of the institute.


  • Recruitment – (posting jobs, organizing interviews as per minimum requirement, negotiating salary)
  • Responsible for new entrants hand holding/orientation / settlement
  • Working as a bridge between management and staff / faculty
  • Working on finalizing the requirements of different department with the help of HOD, Dean and Director.
  • After the final selection of the candidate take the approval of Director, Director General, CEO
  • Handling employee grievances.
  • Performance review – Timely completion of performance review and need to be updated wherever it is required
  • Assistant In charge HR
  • Attendance – Keeping a track on attendance, Approval of attendance, timely completion of attendance.
  • Employee record keeping
  • Working as a bridge between management and staff / faculty
  • Preparing , reviewing and updating HR Guidelines, KRA
  • Handling employee grievance
  • Reviewing Department attendance to manage and control the strength of department according to the minimum requirement
  • Salary preparation
  • Working on salary related issues and forwarding for arrear approval


  • To do selection and procurement of student’s
  • To ensure that administrative/ academics warden of hostel perform their duties properly and hostel are kept maintained as per rules and regulation of institute.
  • To ensure that daily attendance of all the students are taken in bus &
  • To ensure that mess is running properly. Proper monitoring of checking of food quality, cleaning and hygiene of mess area, requirements of items , monitoring of wastage of food ,allocation of manpower, food consumption etc is done
  • To ensure that proper management of vehicles. To ensure that papers of vehicle like insurance paper, fitness certificate and permit etc. are maintained properly & renewed in time at least 10 days in advance, information of renewal of such papers be sent to HO through proper channel.
  • To ensure that the filling of gas/ petrol/ diesel in vehicles is correctly
  • To ensure that the quality items are purchased after the survey of prices is done in detail from the
  • To form and coordinate with different committees such as R & D , website maintenance , Sports, library, hostel, mess, cultural and maintenance
  • To monitor that these committees organize their meeting well in time and prepare the minutes of the
  • To maintain housekeeping of the institute and hostel.
  • To maintain the MIS of all maintenance related activity of vehicles as per the
  • To monitor the fees recovery of students in hostel and in bus.
  • To organize all institutional, inter institutional sports/ cultural events. To make proper budget of every activity and getting it approved from the concerned authority along with the approval of the activity. To arrange gifts, vouchers, certificates for any particular event.


  • To maintain the proper records of accounts of income and expenditure of the
  • To collect the fee and related dues from the
  • To prepare the budget of the institute on the basis of inputs from the various departments.
  • To maintain the proper records of salary payments to the faculty and staff.
  • To analyses the accounts related problems and submit the report to the
  • To suggest the required changes and help in further planning
  • To execute work as per the instructions of


  • Analyzing the requirement of the books with the help of HODs, Dean, Director and DG and making requisition according to it.
  • Arranging Books to Stack Area with supporting
  • Books Classification According D.C.
  • Generate barcode label and print for labeling of books.
  • Maintain discipline in
  • Maintaining every Library records including issue and return of books to Students and staff.
  • Monitoring Library Computers and other
  • Software Editing Books title & Author,
  • Software entry of books & journal, Magazine, etc.
  • To ensure that problems of students relating to books/library are reported for the knowledge of Institute
  • To maintain library presentable and disciplined with the proper safety and protection of the books.
  • To maintain the register of Photostat machine showing the opening reading of first day and closing reading of last day of each month and ensure that machine is functional at all the times.


  • Accessioning of new Books and mentioning on accession
  • Arranging Books to Stack Area with supporting
  • Keeping records of Question Paper (Semester wise).
  • Maintaining of Book Bank Section in stock
  • Monitoring Library Computers & Maintaining
  • Newspaper clipping related to campus or
  • To update issuance & return of books to students.


  • To do all works assigned by the respective Administrative
  • To maintain proper filing of office
  • To complete the assigned work in time and to maintain the confidentiality of the
  • To maintain the proper records of incoming and outgoing
  • To take instructions from his/her administrative head from time to time for the proper
  • To do all other work assigned by the administrative
  • To maintain the proper coordination among the colleagues for the smooth functioning of the office.


  • To setup the laboratory for the proper performance of the
  • Equipment placement, cleanliness, maintenance and replacement of damages equipment.
  • Maintaining the attendance of students in attendance lab
  • To ensure practical’s list with the schedule should be displayed on the notice board of
  • Managing laboratory software, test materials and hardware to ensure
  • To respond to queries and introducing students to use of computers or other lab
  • To organize the laboratory for oral and practical examinations.
  • Making a proper entry in Log book about equipment damage and
  • Monitoring the students performance in lab and assist them to perform
  • To provide video link of
  • To maintain the stock register for consumables and non
  • To maintain the manuals of the experiments to be performed in the lab/
  • To bring to the notice of concerned head of the department about the requirements of the
  • To review the experimental requirements for an experiment given to the students.
  • To demonstrate and help the students in performing the experiment.


  • To ensure that the student leaves the hostel timely for college as well as return to hostel
  • Follow up the fees status of student and informing the parent to pay it on time
  • Responsible for security checks in day and night time.
  • To inform the parents and the institute authority any of the indiscipline incident done by the Regular and random room checking is done to verify that each student is present in his/her room.
  • To confirm that student does not lock himself in their room to avoid going to
  • To ensure maintenance of discipline in and around the
  • To ensure that all medical issues of students is handled properly.
  • To ensure that all the grievances of student is handled maturely and timely.
  • To ensure that all the rooms, washrooms and area of hostel is properly
  • To ensure that no damage is done to the hostel property, and if it is done so the responsible person is be traced
  • To ensure that no ragging takes place in the hostel and maintain the ragging free
  • To ensure the attendance is regularly taken on time.
  • To inform parents if the student is absent from hostel without taking permission from the


  • To monitor hostel students in their academic problems and to take necessary steps rectify
  • To monitor attendance of hostel students.
  • To provide remedial classes to the hostel
  • To sanction leave to the hostel


  • To ensure the attendance of students in the mess daily as it is mandatory.
  • To ensure the daily cleanliness in the
  • To maintain the reconciliation of Food Tokens with accounts on daily
  • Grievances related mess should be handled properly and solution should be given
  • The entire material coming directly to mess, is properly checked and verified by the
  • To check all the appliances are in working
  • To ensure proper discipline is maintained in mess.
  • To ensure that the food in mess is timely cooked and served.
  • To ensure that the mess property is not damage by the student and in case of damage name of responsible person should be informed to the
  • To ensure that the mess workers are in proper uniform, adequate number and performing their duties properly.
  • To ensure wastage of food is controlled and material is issued according to the attendance of the hostel and the material issue registers is properly
  • To see that mess feedback is written on register daily both by the mess committee members and other students of the