Hostel and Mess Committee


A.    To create overall disciplined environment in hostel

B.     To provide the platform for students so that they can showcase their talent.

C.     To provide them infrastructure conducive for their growth

D.    To provide amenities for their recreation and past time.

E.     To organize various cultural and sports events in the hostel to bring out creative abilities of students.

F.      To create an environment so that feeling of home sickness is not there amongst the students.

G.    To provide good healthy and hygienic food.

H.    It is designed to serve the interests of the student’s community in competitive cultural field and provide an ambience for their overall wholesome personality development.


A.    The committee shall create a positive ambience in hostels.

B.     Promoting team spirit and co operation amongst the students by creating healthy competition. .

C.     Motivating students to join gym and other sports activities along with cultural activities…

D.     To arrange for better platform where they can exhibit their skills.

E.      Proper maintenance of hostel and mess and to have a check on quality of food.

List of members of committee
Name of the committee- Hostel Committee
SN Name Designation Status/Post/Designation in the committee(Convener/coconvener/member)
1 Mr. Parasu Ram Mishra Admin Co-ordinator Secretery
2 Mr. Satish Kumar Singh Assistant Professor Proctor
3 Mr. Amit Gangwar Assistant Professor Convener
4 Mr. Amar Singh Assistant Professor Co-Convener
5 Mr. Shivam Chaturvedi Assistant Professor Member
6 Mr. Ramesh Tiwari Boys Hostel Warden Member
7 Ms. Sunita Mishra Girls Hostel Warden Member