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NAME OF EVENT: “Group Discussion Competition: AMITY University”


Details of Events

Students of Ambalika Institute of Management and Technology Moni Jha (CSE, 4th Year), Fahad Rehan (CSE, 3 rd Year) and Sai Prasanna Swai (CSE 1st Year) participated in the “Group Discussion Competition” which was organized by AMITY University, Lucknow on 6th February, 2020.

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The event saw participation of 50 participants from various colleges across the city. The participants presented their view on topic “What are the responsibilities of an educated Indian and are they following it?” and each proved to be better than the other making the competition tough. The judges were impressed by the participants and found it very difficult to decide participants for semi-finals.

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Our college sent three students who qualified for the Semi-Finals. The Semi-Final round was held in the Seminar hall of AMITY. Total of 24 students were shortlisted for semi-finals. There were two rounds of 12 participants each. Topic given for semi finals was “Adult crime during adult time”. AIMT students spoke well and the other participants were also very expressive.

The judges of the event presented the prizes and certificates to Semi finalists and winners. Overall it was a very good experience and a good exposure for all the students who participated.