Grievance Redressal Committee – Faculty & Staff


To help Faculty and Staff to record and solve their grievances in matters directly affecting them, either individually or as a group.


A.       The grievant (s) should first submit their grievances in writing to their respective HOD.

B.        In absence of any satisfactory redressal of grievance by HOD, the grievant (s) may again submit the grievance to the Director either directly or by writing his/her complaint in the Complaint Register.

C.       The Director will redress the grievance or he may refer the complaint to the Grievance Redressal Committee.

D.       The Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted by the management for every session. The committee may also invite any faculty who’s presence may help in investigation.

E.        The convener shall call a meeting of the committee within five working days and will take the necessary steps to resolve the grievance.

F.        The Committee shall reach its decision based solely on the evidence by the grievant (s) and respondent (s)

G.       The committee shall forward its report and recommendations to the Director General and to the Director for the necessary action.

H.       Should either the grievant (s) or respondent (s) in dispute, are not satisfied, can file the petition to the management.

S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1 Dr. P. P. Sinha Applied Science Convener
2 Dr. Abhishek Mishra AS/Dean Academics Member
3 Mr. S.K.S. Tomar Applied Science Member
4 Dr. Shweta Mishra Business Administration Member