Finance Committee


The main function of the Finance Committee is to maintain a continuing review of the financial affairs of the Institute. Using this information, it is the committee’s duty to make appropriate recommendations to the Institutes Governing Body.

Responsibilities & Mechanism

A. To review the proposed the annual budgets from the departments.

B. To compile and prepare the proposed the annual budget for the Institute.

C. To review and provide the recommendation to the Governing Body for approval of the annual Institutes budget.

D. To authorize acceptable accounting and disbursement procedures for all funds under the jurisdiction of the Institute.

E. To regulate and monitor the expenditures incurred by Heads of the Department.

F. To analyze the expenditures under various heads in a financial year and submit a report on the utilization of the budget to the Governing Body.

S. No. Name Department Convener/member
1 Dr. S.Q. Abbas Computer Science & Engg./ Director General Convener
2 Dr. Alok Mishra Applied Science/ Director Co Convener
3 Dr. P.P. Sinha Applied Science Member
4 Dr. P.K. Dwivedi Applied Science/ Dean Academics Member
5 Mr. S.K.S. Tomar Applied Science Member
6 Dr. Pankaj Prajapati Electronics & Communication Engg. Member
7 Mr. R.S. Mishra Civil Engineering Member
8 Mrs. Shweta Singh Admin Coordinator Member
9 Mr. Irfan Ahmad Account Officer Member
10 Mr. Anup Kumar Singh Mechanical Engineering Member
11 Dr. Shweta Mishra Business Administration Member
12 Mr. Dawar Hussain Electronics and Communication Member
13 Mr. Jai Pratap Dixit Computer Scienec & Engg Member
14 Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Awasthi Registrar Member
15 Mrs. Deepika Human Resource Member
16 Mr. Raghvendra Dwivedi Purchase Officer Member
17 Mr. Ramesh Kumar Patel Store Incharge Member