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AIMT, Lucknow has been organizing FDP programs for its faculty members at the end of every semester, for updating knowledge and latest happenings in the research field. Sometimes it is departmental and other times common to all branches by selecting topics accordingly. FDP, this semester was on the topic-


One week FDP commenced from 5th July 2018 for all the branches on a common platform to make faculties aware of different subjects/topics of general interest. Faculties from different streams are encouraged to come forward and give their best on the chosen topics for the benefits of all others.

Seeing the interest of speakers, AIMT, due to time constraints had decided to restrict total speakers over the period of one week by shortlisting the topics in consultation with respective HOD’s. Seeing faculties voluntarily speaking on the FDP platform, this time, instead of inviting anyone from outside, DG, AIMT,  Dr. S Q  Abbas, Leading Educationist in Computer Science,  has himself decided to take one session for faculties.  AIMT is looking forward to its great success.

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