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This report contains the detailed account of the Fabrication of Formula 1 car by the students of  Ambalika Institute. The fabrication work took place at the college premises itself.

Day 1: 17-06-2016

  • Steel pipes arrive at 4:00 PM in college premises (Workshop).
  • Measurement of pipes.
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  •  Cutting of Pipes
  • Arrangement of cut members on the prepared fixture
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of base till 3:30 AM

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Day 2: 18-06-2016

  • Welding of cut pipes using Welding machine available at the college.
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  • Only one welding machine was used.
  • All types of safety measures were taken into consideration.
  • Grinding of pipes through Hand Grinder.
  • Bending of pipes using Bending machine in workshop.
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Day 3: 19-06-2016

  • Work started at 7:30AM
  • 2nd coating of welding was done to provide more strength to the chassis.
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  •  Final chassis is ready.
  • Mounting Point decided on chassis.
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  •  Manufacturing of C- Brackets
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  •  Performing Strength Test
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  •  Base of chassis was covered by sheet metal
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DAY 4: 20-06-2016

  • Mounting points decided and C-brackets are welded.
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  • Tata Nano is purchased for its part.
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  • Preparation of A-Bar Arm of Suspension
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  •  Assembly of A- Bar Arm Suspension
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  •  Suspension mounting
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