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A new software by Synology is the Synology DS Video. DS Video is a video application which allows you to stream content from your NAS (Network attached storage) to a variety of devices, ranging from Windows- based desktop PCs, Macs, Smartphones, be it Android, IOS Apple TV or Window Phone.

In simpler words, Synology’s DS Video allows hundreds of users to simultaneously watch videos provided by NAS on a variety of devices. DS video allows you to easily stream videos from the Synology NAS server to your device.

Ambalika Institute’s NAS server boasts of storing 80 Terabyte of video data on the Synology NAS. It has over 10,000 movies both from Bollywood and Hollywood, notes, discovery programs, AIMT Lectures and Lab videos, IIT Lectures, training videos on personality development, technical training videos, educational videos, course lectures, journals, songs, assignments, books etc. including IIT Bombay lectures all a click away. Students can avail the FREE facility at their convenience. We call this Digital learning platform.

We believe that other than the syllabus studies students need to regularly keep themselves updated and that will only be possible if they have access to vast learning data. DS video provides such to the students through the use of intranet at the campus.