Department Of Computer Science


Introduction :

This learning club in the college arranges vivid programs which include students’ campus selection, personality development programs, training for interviews and competitive examinations, industrial training for students, assistance for higher studies in India and abroad, and other career development systems.

Objectives :

The principal objective of the cell is to enhance the professionalism and employ-ability of the students of the college so as to facilitate the achievement of their career goals.


This club of the department operates with an active involvement and support of all the staff members and students of the department. The Cell holds periodical meetings to chalk out programs guide their implementation and assess their progress and effectiveness.


Lack of soft skills among the job aspirants from various places, is pointed out every time. The Cell, therefore, organizes training programs for developing and improving communication skills of the students. They cover areas such as:

  • Personality Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Skill Test
  • CV Preparation
  • Group Discussion
  • Interview Management
  • Aptitude Tests
  • English Language Skills

The feed-back from the students on these programs is effusive and showed them to be very effective. Training institutions such as NIIT, TIME, Escube Technologies, etc., conducted seminars in the college to inform the students on the training courses they offer in specialist technical fields. The yeoman-job, being done by the Language Laboratory of the college in improving the language skills of the students, is highly appreciated by all.

Looking Ahead

While , it has been a year filled with activities and satisfactory results for the Training and Placement Cell, it goes without saying that much more has to be aimed at. Raising the level of information support for the students, wider exposure to the industry, enthusing more students to take the relevant training courses and inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship in the campus community are the areas needing further intensity.


  • CS Final Year Coordinator
  • CS Third Year Coordinator
Club Actitvities