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These three words sound so normal but may bring great joy and peace in your life. As the frantic pace of life, force fitted into the mold of normalcy. The News, Social media, Emails, Work snatching away our moments, Overwhelming our senses, Our lives caught in an uproar of demands.

Every need and situation is calling to us demanding our attention, Crying out for us to act, to response, to try harder to grip tighter. To do something.

But there is a better way, to break free from the burden, to refuse to worry. Taking time to pause, to enjoy time with those who are around us. Maybe they won’t be there in the future. To enjoy the smaller things that life has to offer and to stop complaining so that we can live this abundant life God meant us to.

Everything is possible the day you start Counting your blessings.

Count your blessings, name them one by one and you will be surprised to see what the Lord has done

– Abhishek Mandow