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India is a developing Country and it needs new Innovations in all areas of Science, Engineering & Technology and Management.  AIMT has been organizing such conference on ‘Challenges & Opportunities For Technological Innovation in India’ (COTII) since last eight years. This is 4th International Conference in which we have received 612 Papers across all the fields out of which 217 papers are selected for presentation and publication. This platform provide plethora of opportunities to all the academicians, researchers and students.


Blessings from Goddess Saraswati

Saraswati Vandana was presented by The Students of AIMT in the inauguration ceremony of COTII-2020 (Challenges & Opportunities For Technological Innovation in India).




Arrival of chief guest Prof.R.K Khandal-Ex Vice chancellor, AKTU,Lucknow

Our International conference was graced by our chief guest Prof. R.K Khandal-Ex Vice chancellor AKTU, Lucknow. Practice of applying Tilak to symbolize the welcome and to honor our guests was done by students of AIMT along with the key persons of Ambalika.




Lamp Lighting ceremony

As every occasion needs light and brightness which has positivity and  motivation. This ceremony of lighting the lamp was performed by all the dignitaries along with Mr. Ambika Misra-Executive director-AIMT, Dr Alok Mishra- Director – AIMT, Dr S.Q.S Abbas- Director General-AIMT.



Respect to our National Anthem

As a ritual of Ambalika we never forget to pay respect to our national anthem which was sung by every one.





Formal welcome by Dr, Alok Mishra-Director AIMT

Director of AIMT Group Dr. Alok Mishra Welcomed and introduced all the dignitaries present in the Conference. It was a great honor to know the prominent personalities of academics and Industries. Ceremonial welcome was given to our Chief Guest Prof. R. K. Khandal who  is one of the most distinguished personality in the Engineering field followed by the introduction and a formal welcome of our Guest of Honor Mr KS Rajeev, Dr Ram Bilas Mishra, Dr. RK Sharma & Dr SK Khare.



Mr. Ambika Misra presenting a Token of Appreciation to our chief guest Prof. R.K Khandal

The fragrance of flowers spread only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all directions. A small token of love and appreciation was presented by Mr. Ambika Misra to our Honorable Chief Guest and inspiring personality Prof. R K Khandal who has battled against all odds and reached the pinnacle of success.



Words by Mr. Ambika Misra- Executive Director AIMT

Executive Director of AIMT Group Mr. Ambika Misra welcomed everyone and gave a brief profile of all the dignitaries. Preceding his speech on innovation and technology he showcased and gave the live examples of spur innovation in the classroom and highlighted how AIMT is using innovative ways to use technology during classroom and practical learning. He also highlighted the various achievements of AIMT which includes Robots in the Classroom, Automation, Artificial intelligence, Mobile Technology, 3D Learning etc.


An Agglomeration of Intellectuals

Post the welcome by Executive director of AIMT, we got a picture of all the Intellectuals in one frame.


Souvenirs are usually Interpreted as reminders of the experiences lived during the conference. A souvenir on Challenges & Opportunities of Technological Innovation in India (COTII-2020) was presented to the Chief Guest Dr. RK Khandal & other dignitaries.



Speech by Mr.K.S Rajeev- Executive Director, NTPC

Mr.K.S.Rajeev-Executive Director NTPC told us that how pleased he was to know that, AIMT lucknow is organizing Conference on Challenges & Opportunities For Technological Innovation in India (COTII-2020).He showcased that researches  are  required  to innovate such projects which also save our environment. He condemned over production and said that it has a bad impact on our environment. He suggested reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. He appreciated and thanked AIMT and said it is a good initiative to bridge the gap between industry & Academics.


Key note speaker-Dr Ram Vilas Mishra -Ex ViceChancellor, Avadh University, Faizabad, U.P

Dr. Ram Vilas Mishra expressed his views and said that necessity is the mother of all inventions. He provoked students to be unique in every field and at every endeavor, he was constantly focusing on the innovativeness and creativity which should be used by the students in order to do more technological development in the field of technology.



Address By Chief guest Prof.Dr.R.K Khandal-President R&D and Business Development, India Glycols limited Delhi

Expressing his views Dr. R.K. Khandal appreciated Mr. Ambika Mishra-ED AIMT Group for establishing a world class institution in north India. He praised the international Labs. He also mentioned that such honest efforts of AIMT will definitely lead this institution to achieve heights of success. He also threw some light on various languages of the world and its necessity.

Address by Key Note speaker- Professor R.K. Sharma from IIT Kanpur

Professor R.K. Sharma from IIT Kanpur suggested teachers to try to connect with the students. He said every child has something creative in them which we all need to identify and nurture well. He also showcased the challenges which are faced by students during their research work and also suggested the ways to overcome the same.

Prof. R.K Khandal encouraging students to go for Technological advancement in their respective fields

Our Chief Guest Dr. R.K. Khandal met students and suggested to them the various road maps and path to success.

Second day Highlights

On the second day of conference Prof. R.S. Mishra welcomed all the dignitaries and threw light on the need of innovation. He said that AIMT has been enriching this view since last 8 years. This conference is the result of our being innovative and forerunner in the field of innovativeness.

Welcome By Dr.P.K Dwivedi-Dean Academics-AIMT

Dean Academics of AIMT Group Dr. P.K. Dwivedi welcomed Professor -S.C. Rastogi.

Address by Key note speaker- Professor Rajiv Manohar- Lucknow University

Professor Rajiv Manohar of Lucknow University expressed his views on liquid crystal Display in details. He discussed about optical electronics its uses and its implementation along with the technological advancement in the field of electronics and communication.

Address by Key note speaker- Professor K.D Singh

Professor K.D. Singh discussed her academic journey and she also emphasized on research work and innovative oriented teaching methodology used by teachers.

Address by key note speaker- Dr. Sadanand Pandey

In his address Dr. Sadanand Pandey said that quest for knowledge must not STOP, he suggested various ways that  a student should keep on learning and develop new milestones in the field of technology.

Address by key note speaker- Professor S.C. Rastogi

Professor S.C. Rastogi shared his experience and his valuable contribution in field of mathematical research.He discussed about common research orientation for people with a PhD in mathematics, include network analysis, optimization, finance, operations research, physics and astronomy, and many areas of computer science.

Address by key note speaker- Professor S.N. Pandey

Professor S.N. Pandey paid his tribute to all the researchers and inventors who have made India proud with their valuable contribution and discussed his contribution in the field of Mathematics, mathematical model and empirical research.

Address by key note speaker- Professor Sheela Mishra

Professor Sheela Mishra focused on technology and big data. In her address she appreciated AIMT for being innovative and providing such platform to the budding technocrats. She highlighted the challenges which comes across in the field of Artificial intelligence and elaborated on computing power, Integrating AI, Man Power and Implementation Strategies.

Vote of Thanks by Dr. P.K.Dwivedi- Dean Academics, AIMT

Dean Academics of AIMT Group Dr. P.K Dwivedi thanked all the Dignitaries for their valuable contribution and the enlightenment they gave to the audience in two day international Conference.