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Bolt IoT and ML Innovation Challenge 2

This will be the second iteration of this competition. Bolt IoT had a great response for the innovation challenge organised last year and have decided to organise it again. As part of this challenge, Bolt IoT take few selected students from some of the prestigious colleges of India, such as Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology and train them on the concepts of IoT and ML. This training is followed by a project competition between them to choose the most innovative students from India.

The competition will be judged by some of the experts who have worked in organisations like Amazon. The competition will be an excellent opportunity for the students to showcase their talent and skills at an all India level.

What are the steps for the Bolt IoT and ML Innovation Challenge?

Step1: Students will have to answer a scholarship test to qualify for participating in the competition. The qualifying students will also get the IoT and ML training for FREE. They only need to purchase the necessary hardware kit required to build the hands-on projects during the training as well as the competition. To answer the scholarship, students have to visit 

Step 2: Our team of developers will train the students on the concepts of IoT and ML via online video training.

Step 3: The students have to build an innovative project in the area of IoT or ML by applying the learnings during the training.

Step 4: The winners will be judged by engineers who have worked at prestigious organisations like Amazon.

Why should students  participate?

Learning opportunity: Learn IoT and ML for FREE and pay only for the hardware kit required to build various hands-on projects as part of the training and competition.

Certification Get a certificate of training completion.

What are the Prizes for the students?

  • 1st Place: Cash prize of Rs.30,000/-
  • 2nd Place: Cash prize of Rs.20,000/-
  • 3rd Place: Cash prize of Rs.10,000/-
  • Consolation prizes: 2 Amazon Echo Dots

Other critical points:

  • The option of a full refund on hardware kit: In case the students are not happy with the hardware or the training offered to them as part of the challenge, then they can return it and get full refund as per the refund policy. This ensures that there is no risk for students or the faculty involved in the process.

How to avail the scholarship and participate in the competition?

  • To avail the scholarship, the students have to answer a scholarship test and qualify for the same by scoring at-least 70% marks.
  • This is a short test and will not take more than 10 minutes of the students. This ensures that they can answer it without spending much time if they have exams ongoing.
  • To answer the scholarship test, students have to visit 

Terms and conditions

  • This invitation is only valid for students of ‘Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology’ and cannot be shared with students of any other institute.
  • Students interested please contact our placement officer 9005512456