AutoCAD is the most versatile CAD program. Even students with no previous CAD experience can progress quickly through this course which is arranged in a natural sequence that is easy to understand. Students immediately apply what they have learned from brief theory presentations in hands-on exercises using supplied drawing files. These exercises include step-by-step instructions along with clearly illustrated screen captures.



Ambalika Center of excellence has 15 seat license for all components of AutoCAD. Classes are conducted in fully equipped audio visual classrooms and trainees can get extensive hands-on exposure on our Cubify Cube Pro Trio 3D printer to convert their designs to actual prototypes.

Course Objectives

AUTOCAD 2D: Design and Drafting, 2D Drawings Making, Co-ordinate System.

AUTOCAD 3D: Modelling, Assembly, Different 3D Component Model Making.

Professional Benefits

Large number of industries uses AutoCAD which provides different jobs in the field. It is basic software for learning 3D modelling and AutoCAD designers have a ready acceptance in industry the world over with a large demand of 3D modelling professionals.