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SUPRA SAEINDIA is an exciting competition which presents the Engineering Students with a challenging task of designing, simulating and modeling a formula type race car. Each team designs and fabricates a prototype based on the strict guidelines provided to them and the car should perform in a live race track.

The STUDENT FORMULA competition challenge teams of undergraduate and graduate students to conceive, design, fabricate, develop and compete with small, formula style vehicles. The competition themselves give teams the chance to demonstrate and prove both their creativity and their engineering skills in comparison to other teams from other universities.

This event sets the stage to access the capability for teamwork, entrepreneurship, leadership and management skills of the students.

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TECHNOAMBALIKANS are proud to announce their participation in SUPRA SAE 2016 Competition. Ambalika SUPRASAE team is a group of budding engineers’ committed to creating and experiencing high end automotive designs and engineering. The students are working hard building a Formula Car. They are being guided and helped by Asst. Professor Mr. Aditya Veer Gautam (Faculty & Project Advisor), who has been instrumental in encouraging the students to be innovative and to fully utilize their engineering aptitude. Other Faculty members who the students seek assistance from are Asst. Professor Mr. Vinay Mishra and Asst. Professor Mr. Shiv Kumar Yadav.

Team Technoambalikans have built the F1 car in record time to compete in the Supra Sae competiton taking place at the Buddha International Circuit (BIC), Greater Noida. The team has 25 members of the Mechanical Engineering Department. SupraSAE is to be held from 4th July till 9th July 2016. This year there are four teams participating from UP. Ambalika is one of the teams & one of the college’s under AKTU.

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The Vice Chancellor of AKTU, Prof V.K. Pathak has given the Green signal to the Ambalika Formula Car after taking the test drive and congratulating the team. His words were, besides the theoretical part, practical work is equally important for Engineering Colleges. The team has done a great job in designing, fabricating and purchasing the desired work.

In the end Vice Chancellor congratulated the Ambalika Group ED, Sri Ambika Misra, DG Director S.Q.Abbas, and Director Dr. Alok Mishra for doing such an incredible work.

Sharing few pictures and video of the Team working hard on the Formula Car.

“TechnoAmbalikans We wish you the Best in your endeavor;  YOU’RE already winners in our eyes.”