Academic & Examination Committee


  1. To maintain academics sessions.
  2. To get all the internal examinations and university examinations smoothly conducted.
  3. To get university examinations form filled and scrutinise them thoroughly and properly.
  4. To get question papers of internal examinations and university papers (if required) prepared.
  5. Evaluation of internal answer books.
  6. To monitor and process results.


  1. To meet at least once in a month or whenever required developing the ways & means to ensure that quality teaching learning process is of the utmost priority.
  2. To formulate the guidelines, rules & regulations of all academic affairs of the Institute.
  3. To propose & review academic calendar as per need and directors of affiliating university.
  4. To keep vigilance on the attendance of teaching and regularity of the faculty in taking the classes and to monitor the lecture progress reports for both theory & practical classes.
  5. The members of the committee sit together at regular internal of times or whenever required to develop the ways & means to ensure smooth conduct of examinations.
  6. This committee also formulates the guidelines, rules & regulations of all academic and examination related affairs of the Institute.
  7. Members of the committee give their suggestions & directors for smooth conduct of examinations in academic perspective.
  8. Question papers of internal examinations are processed and compiled two days before the commencement of examinations.
  9. Quality of papers in formatting and other aspects are checked by the committee after the academic quality check from respective HoD’s desk.
  10. University examination forms are filled in accordance with the university guidelines and declared dates.
  11. Internal examination copies are checked within 3 days of commencement of examinations by the respective members of the faculty.
  12. External examinations are conducted in accordance with the university schedule.
  13. After declaration of results, compiling and comparing of the results along with the tabulation is carried out.



S. No. Name Department/Designation Post Held
1 Dr. Ashutosh Dwivedi Director Chairman
2 Mr. Anup Kumar Singh Examination Controller Convener
3 Dr. Abhishek Mishra Dean Academics Co-convener
4 Dr. Pankaj Prajapati Registrar Co-convener
5 Dr. Shweta Mishra Add’l Director & HOD Business Administration Member
6 Mr. P.K. Srivastava Dean Faculty Development  &  HR Member
7 Mr. Alok Mishra HOD Computer Science and Engineering Member
8 Mr. S.K. Shukla HOD Civil Engineering Member
9 Mrs. Vandana Pathak HOD Mechanical Engineering Member
10  Mr. Suresh Maithani HOD Applied Science Member
11  Mr. Naveen Kumar Sharma HOD Bio-Technology Member
12  Dr. Neeta Rastogi Prof. IT Department Member