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Rocorail is a proprietary software to control a model train layout from one or more computers. Users can run trains directly from a computer. Some run automatically while others run on manual control.

SmartRail offers the full driving experience on a high-quality rolling track bed, with acceleration, braking, light, signals, sound.

This project deals with laying of railway tracks as per different geographical locations created. This project has a great potential to solve the travelling problem of people living in a population concentrated area by intelligent railway track network. In this project tunnels are constructed for the purpose of laying railway tracks in the mountain and will also lay tracks for flat land.

In this project we are trying to cover maximum portion of a city through the network of railway tracks without much inconvenience to citizens. We are providing a number of tracks for the purpose of easy accessibility for citizens. A number of stations are also made at different important locations of the city. We are laying a track which goes through the tunnel on a curved path and it will also covers plain areas.

In conclusion, we can say that this project has a huge potential to transfer a large human mass from one place to another place in an efficient manner.

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